Friday, 2 September 2011

What is this? 20 questions? No it's actually just 3! (#18)

This is a weekly meme created by us:  Book Passion for Life. We created this so you could get to know us a little better. If you want to join in....all you have to do is create three questions for yourself each week and answer them, OR to make things fun, ask your followers to ask you a few questions each week!

Sorry about the lateness. We've been really lazy with this meme for 2 weeks. So to make up for it. We're each answering 6 questions instead of 3.

Jess's Q & A's

How old are you in your dreams?
Haha, normally about my current age now. Sometimes it seems older than 23 though.

Do you dance like crazy, when no one is looking?
Haaa! Yes I do, I dance in my room when I'm cleaning the floor with a mop. Seriously. I don't use it as a microphone I just push it around in time with the music lol.

When you were younger, did you ever drink too much and get sick?
No, the first time I had alcohol I was 17, I got a little tipsy, and fell up my friends stairs and out the cab. As you get older you have to intake more alcohol for you to feel the effects. It takes a few Malibu's a cokes or mixed cocktails until I'm no longer able to walk.

What did you get in trouble for, when you were a kid?
Ha, not a lot actually. I was a pretty good kid, I did get grounded once for kicking my brother in the balls. True story.

Which is your wish that is not yet fulfilled?
That I haven't passed my driving test yet. I have a test coming up soon, so fingers crossed by Christmas I'll be va va vooming around in my little Ford KA.

What is something you regret?
Ahhh, this is where it get's personal. The one thing I regret the most. Is losing my virginity before I was ready. I thought I was ready, and it wasn't until afterwards, that I realised...I wasn't. That right there is my biggest regret.

Donna's Q & A's

How often do you go over the speed limit?
Ha! Should I really answer this question? Well....a lot but not by much. 

Did you ever have a teacher who picked on you?
No that I can remember. I'd probably pick on them right back if they did. 

Did you have a nickname in Primary school or Secondary school?

Again, no. Most friends tend to call me 'Don' but other than that it's just my normal name.

If you have to choose a movie title for your life story, what would that be?
I have no idea! I'm not good with movies. Lol

What do you sing in the shower/bath, if you do sing?
Britney Spears. I know, I know but I love her. But sometimes I find myself singing to old Disney songs. Lol

What really gives you the creeps?
Spiders! Yuck! 

That's it for this weeks Q & A's! Come back next week for more. 

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