Monday, 19 September 2011

US vs UK (#24)

Welcome to Book Passion for Life's 24th US vs UK book cover battle. We've seen this posted on a few other blogs, and thought we'd jump on the band wagon!

The idea of this battle is once a week we'll post 2 sets of books of our choice, one US cover and one UK cover, and we'll just give our opinion on which one we love the most. Which cover captures the story, which one would catch our eye if we saw it on the shelf in a shop. The US cover will be on the left, and the UK cover will be on the right.

The Scores so far are: 
US: 5  UK: 10  Draw: 7

US vs UK Round 24

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater 


Jess says: The UK! I love everything about it. The font, the design the giant black horse. It's just beautiful!

Donna says: There no real contest with this one because I LOVE the UK over. The US one is a horrible colour and not attractive at all but the UK, I believe stands out. I love the red and I love the patterns on the horse. Really like it.

Which do you prefer?

A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan 


Jess says: Hmm, both are nice, but I prefer the US. Only because little girls with pale faces and close ups creep me out. It seems the UK has a habit of doing this.  The US is slightly more beautiful but simple too. I love the coloured roses and I like the simple font. So yeah, US for me.

Donna says: I think both covers have some good points about them but honestly, if I have to choose then I pick the US. I love the white and the red flowers but I also like how the title of the book is in blue. It's a cute cover. 

Which do you prefer?

Okay guys, this weeks US vs UK goes's a draw! First one in a long time

Come back next week for more US vs UK! :) 


Shawn Kirsten Maravel said...

I like both UK covers best in this case! I reeeeally like the horse one though! :)

Yiota said...

I'm going for US at the Scorpio Races and UK for the other ^^

Carina said...

I definitely prefer the UK Scorpio Races cover and the US A Long Long Sleep cover, and to be honest that's not a difficult decision. :D


Rebecca said...

US definitely takes this one for me. While the first one is a bit tougher, I absolutely love the US cover of A Long Long Sleep. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Chel said...

UK versions FTW!

The Slowest Bookworm said...

To tell you the truth, I don't like either of the covers for Scorpio Races :o( I do love both covers for A Long Long Sleep though and would find it hard to choose between them. If I had to, I'd probably pick the UK cover.

Siobhán @ Totally Bookalicious said...

The UK for The Scorpio races. And the US for a long long sleep

Mel said...

I have you agree with you both - the UK Scorpio races cover is much nicer than the US - I think the US one is kinda boring. I like both of the Long Sleep covers though - that's a difficult one! :)

Sherry Gammon Author Of Unlovable said...

I agree 100% UK cover on both, no contest!! Why do authors have one cover for the US and another for the UK?? Just curious!

haleyeliseread said...

UK for sure for the first one, it is so pretty! While the US cover is so BLEH (vomits)

and the second one I own the US one and it is sooo pretty I love it! Even though it is just flowers it is soo gorgeous!

Great choices this week! (:


Aleksandra said...

For The Scorpio Races I prefer the UK cover, too. As for A Long Long Sleep, the US cover, but only because of the girl in the UK cover, otherwise I love the flowers & the blue background on the UK cover.