Friday 30 December 2011

Jess's Top 10 Reads for 2011

So the end of 2011 is fast approaching and we thought it would be a good idea to show you what we thought were our favourite reads of 2011 were. 

As you might have seen already Donna has already given her top 10, if not here's the link so now I'm going to be showing you my top 10. It's been a tough one to decide, because I've read a lot of awesome books this year so hopefully this list will do it justice.

Number 10
Hushed by Kelley York
Why I chose Hushed: This had to make my top 10. I was given this to review by the publisher for Kelley's blog tour. And my God! Did this book turn out to be incredible. I didn't think I would enjoy it. It's a YA Thriller (ages 17+), so something totally not me, but it was fantastic, it had me on edge all the way through, and I read it in one sitting! 
See my review for Hushed

Number 9
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
Why I chose Daughter of Smoke and Bone: This was another review book, and one that I wasn't expecting to like, and ended up absolutely loving. Very different from other books I'd read before, a lot of information to take in at some points, but in the end it was one of the best books I'd read in the year and I anxiously await the sequel.
See my review for Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Number 8
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Why I chose Delirium: At number 8 we have Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I was given this for review (with the creepy UK cover) but I ended up buying the US special edition and reading it from that cover. It was an amazing read, although a little slow to start, it does really pick up, and I loved the whole concept of the story. Eagerly anticipating Pandemonium (book 2)
See my review for Delirium

Number 7
The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa
Why I chose the Iron Fey Series: I couldn't choose just ONE from this series, although if I had to, it would have been The Iron Knight. Anyway, this series was completely spellbinding, and I was hooked from page 1 of The Iron King. I even featured both Puck and Ash as Book Boyfriends a couple of weeks after finishing book 3. Wonderful series, and definitely deserving of a spot on my top 10.
See my reviews for The Iron Fey Series

Number 6
The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
Why I chose the Mortal Instruments Series: Again another series I couldn't just pick one book from. They were all amazing, and I can't wait to continue along with this series along with Cassie's Infernal Devices Trilogy, definitely a deserving number 6. 

Right! On to the top 5. Who's made the list I hear you ask? Well keep reading and you'll find out :D

Number 5
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
Why I chose The Hunger Games Trilogy: Another awesome series that I read this year. It was my first Dystopian set of books that I had ever read, and I ended up loving them. Although there is a slow start and a lot of information to take in, it does get incredible as you read on, and Catching Fire and Mockingjay will leave you speechless. I can't wait for the movie! :D 
See my review for The Hunger Games Trilogy

Number 4
Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson
Why I chose Hunting Lila: Number 4 was really hard, I had two other books in mind when it came to this position, but ultimately Hunting Lila won. It was one of the BEST books I had read this year. I couldn't get enough of it. As a YA thriller, it had everything; including humans with special powers and a sexy army man named Alex. Definitely top 5.
See my for review Hunting Lila

Number 3
Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost
Why I chose The Night Huntress Series: Ahh the Night Huntress Series. This was recommended to me by Donna before we started the blog. Everyone was talking about this man 'Bones', how insanely amazing he was, how gorgeous he was and how great in the sack he was *ahem*. So, naturally I had to read for myself, and I'm so glad I did! I couldn't get enough. I still have to read book 6, and I've read one of the books in-between this series, but this became very quickly one of my favourite reads of 2011.
See my review for The Night Huntress Series

Number 2
The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
Why I chose the Fever Series: This series was incredible. It was recommended to me by two Goodreads members, actually I was BULLIED into reading them. But I'm glad I did. I do believe Donna wanted to add this to her top 10, but she had too many others that she read that thought were better. Fair enough. I'm so glad I've managed to fit this into my top 5, and at number 2! I thought I was going to make it number 1, but no. This was an intense series all the way through. I was hooked from Bloodfever (book 2) and couldn't put them down. My favourite of them all was number 5, Shadowfever (which I sadly couldn't picture here). Anyway it had sex faes, Barrons, a kick ass heroine, Barrons, sex fae...oops...did I already mention those? Anyway, it has everything, and it became on of my favourites.
See my review for The Fever Series

Right, so I bet you're wondering what my number one is? This was extremely hard, and I didn't think I was going to place it as my top read of 2011, I thought I was going to put it further down my list (whichever way you look at it), but after going through all the best books I've read, the others books didn't really compare for me. It took me around 24 hours to finish it. It's written by a British author, and it's based on a very taboo subject. Incest. guessed it. Although this book had me crying like a little baby, it was extremely powerful and completely heartbreaking to read. I won't read it again, I'm just going to leave it as a single read in the memory of 2011. The reason being, there isn't any way I can put myself through that kind of heartache again. I couldn't stop crying for almost a week. *sniffle*. Right so, without further a top read of 2011 is....:-

Number 1
Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
Why I chose Forbidden: That's right. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. I know it's crazy isn't it? A book that had me bawling like a baby is my top read of 2011. I cease to amaze myself sometimes. I won't write much more on this as I explained a lot of my reasons before announcing it. But I hope you all get to read this one day, try to look past the concept of the book being about incest. It isn't about that, it's a about a love so strong and so (excuse the pun) Forbidden, that the characters you learn about you begin to love, and want them to have the happiest of endings. Just please, read it everyone, try to move past your 'ICK' factor and give this wonderful, compelling and powerful read a go. Make it your top read of 2012.
See my review for Forbidden

That's it from me. Probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in a while (except take down and throw my Twilight posters away). I think I've made the right 10 choices, they all stood out in their own way; but they were all amazing in their own way too. I hope this helps you to choose some of your next reads if you haven't already read them. I have a feeling I will need to add another two here, but it wouldn't make sense having a top 12, so I'll stick with this list, and I'll just keep a note that The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and Fifty Shades of Grey have also come onto my top reads of 2011!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Happy Reading! :D


Farah said...

I totally agree with you on Daughter of Smoke and Bone. It was surprisingly good and I didn't expect to love it =D

Natalie Frampton said...

Great choices Jess. I completely forgot about Forbidden!

michelle130 said...

My husband bought me the first 3 books of The Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. I am part way through the first one and think its great.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic list. And thanks so much for including HUSHED! What an honor! :)

Angie said...

Forbidden was probably my favorite book this year, too! I cried so hard at the end, and couldn't stop thinking about it. It was a tough subject, but it was beautifully done.

Great list! :D

Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

the book bunny said...

Good choices. I've only read the Hunger Games out of your list but I've heard great things about some of the other books. =]

Tipsy Misty said...

I have got to get to reading Forbidden! And I'll have to check out Hushed :)
Daughter of smoke and bone made my list to, I loved it!

Racquel (A Book Barbie) said...

A lot of out of-comfort-zone books! that's good! I'm glad you liked them, I especially want to read Hushed. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is one of my favorites too:D

Racquel @ The Book Barbies
-thank you&come again.

Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

So many great books! What an amazing list. :) I'm glad the Iron Fey and Mortal Instruments series made your list. I absolutely LOVE those books!

Have a great new year! :)

Sam @ Realm of Ficton

R.A.Desilets said...

It's funny - because I had a really long talk with someone on Goodreads about how I loved Forbidden up until a certain point. And I wanted to love it after that too - because the characters blew me away, I just couldn't. But I see why other people loved it :) I still recommend it because of the beautifully created characters.

I really need to read Hushed! I keep almost getting there and then another book distracts me!

David said...

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