Friday 23 December 2011

Vote for Alex TODAY! #HEROINETOURNEY + International Giveaway!

I recently posted to you about a little tournament hosted by YA-Sisterhood and last time our girl Alexandria Andros aka Alex from Jennifer L Arementout's, Covenant Series went head to head with Nora from Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush Series and guess what? ALEX WON!!!! Whoohoo! Happy Dance! 

Now because Alex won, her journey isn't over and if anything it's that step harder. Now Alex will take place in another tournament TODAY (December 23rd) and this time she has to beat...................Rosemarie Hathaway from Vampire Academy!!! 
Ahhhh now this is going to be one tough round! Rose is another strong awesome heroine BUT I am confident that Alex can win this round too, so of course I'm 100% behind her. 

I bet your wondering why you should vote for Alex? 
Well I'm going to tell you all the reasons why I'm going to vote for her!

About Alex!
  • Alex is wild, rash and stubborn but she is also smart, funny and witty.
  • She always gets herself in trouble but then trouble always seems to find her. 
  • She is unpredictable so you never know what she will do.
  • She is also 100% trustworthy. 
  • She always stands up for what she believes in and she will always defend herself and others that she cares for. 
  • Her love for others will always come before her own.
  • She has a smart mouth so don't ever expect a easy answer from her.
  • But mainly she is a fighter and  she won't ever give up!
Are you convinced yet? Well if's a some quotes from our girl.

Alex's Quotes! 

1) "It's just words and words mean nothing. Only action does." 
2) "I was going to be super pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this crap hole."
3)  "Are you lost, Lea? This isn't where they're handing out the free pregnancy tests." 
4) "Okay. He had a point but it wasn't like I could tell him anything. I could see me now: Guess what? You ever watch Clash of the Titans or read any Greek fables? Well those gods are real and yeah, I'm sort of a descendant of them. Kind of like the stepchild no one wants claim. Oh, and I hadn't even been around mortals until three years ago. Can we still be friends?" 

5) "Hey,"I reached out and tapped the hand that rested next to my left leg. "you are--" 
The hand that I tapped reached up and clasped mine. I froze as he threaded his fingers through mine. "I'm what?" Beautiful. Kind. Patient. Perfect. I said none of those things. Instead I stared at his fingers, wondering if he knew he was holding my hand. 
"You're always so....." His thumb moved over the top of my hand. The balm made his fingers cool and smooth. "What?" 
I looked up, and I was immediately snared. His stare, his soft touch along my hand was doing very strange things. I felt hot and dizzy, like I'd been out in the sun all day. All I could think about was how his hand felt on mine. Then, what his hand would feel like on other parts. I shouldn't be thinking that at all. Aiden was a pure." 

Why vote Alex over Rose? 
Now Alex and Rose have all the same attributes. Their both strong kick-ass heroine's BUT Rose's story is now over and Alex's has only just begun. So if she's this awesome after JUST ONE BOOK imagine what she will be like once she comes to masters her powers.  I believe Alex will even surpass Rose when all the books are done...and honestly she is going kick her butt! See her potential people because she is going to blow you away! 
Also IF ALEX wins....Jennifer L Armentrout has promised us:

500 Votes: If Alex reaches 500 votes, I will give you a juicy scene from Pure. It involves a pool, but will be edited to avoid spoilers. 
750 Votes: If Alex gets 750 votes, I will give you Chapter 16 from Half-Blood in Aiden's POV. Yes, that chapter. 
1000 Votes: If Alex get 1000 votes, I will give you Chapter 26 from Obsidian in Daemon's POV. 
Yes, that chapter.
Winning votes: If Alex wins against Rose, I will write a very lengthy scene/ basically a freaking novella from Aiden's POV about a trip he and Leon took that involved searching down a certain daimon that got away at the end of Half-Blood. Now. If she wins, all of this will take me some time, of course. 
How to vote! <
So starting today if you head on over to the YA-Sisterhood blog and VOTE! It's pretty simple!  Voting starts NOW!!! So please vote for Alex!
So VOTE for Alex! 

Now because we love Alex so much we have some awesome stuff coming up. Firstly Momo from Books over Boys is hosting an awesome giveaway . She is not only giving away one book but THREE books. So copy of Daimon, Half-Blood and Pure!!! Whoohoo! So head on over to her blog (Books over Boys) to enter! 
Now here at Book Passion for Life we are offering one lucky winner a copy of Daimon, the prequel to Half-Blood. Want to enter? Fill out the details below. Giveaway will finish on December 31st! Good Luck! 

Happy Reading & Happy Holidays!!! 

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Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

I love you post, you already know that. ;) Thanks for the giveaway and for supporting Alex!

Alex for the win!

Karina said...

I haven't read this series yet! So upseting! I only found out about it via the Herione Tourney so I'm really excited to start reading it. I love the way people describe and support Alex, not to mention the last scene Jeniffer L. Armentrout wrote because Alex won. That was amazing.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

i havent read this series yet, but from your post she sounds like a real KICK A Heroine :)
thank you for supporting her

hiba008 said...

Alex all the wayyyy!!! She's one kickass heroine :)

miki said...

i haven't read this serie yet but it's on my wish list so i will be very very happy to win this

thanks you a lot for opening this to international

Unknown said...

Ok, you won me over . . . I'll go vote for Alex :)

Evie said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'll vote for Alex!

Deea said...

Awesome post!!! I love Alex and I really, really hope she wins this match! *fingers crossed* ALEX FTW!!!

kristina shields said...

She is freakin' awesome! She kicks butt and totally deserves to win and plus we would get the scenes which is VERY important!

Yvonne @ The Shadow Realm said...

Awesome post and loving the quotes! This just makes me wanna read this series even more! :)

Avon Bernabe said...

I think she's pretty hot and fierce. :D

Amanda Nicole said...

I voted for her yesterday, haven't gotten back to check if she won or not yet though. I haven't read the series yet, but I'm dying to!

Unknown said...

This series seems to be catching the limelight ! Its great that you support her !! Thanks for the great giveaway !! and Quotes are always a great way to get to know a character !!! I enjoy a kick arse heroine !!


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Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

Pao Martinez Parente said...

Lol Alex is hilarious. Can't wait to read.

Marisol Gaddi said...

I think Alex is kickass, funny, and fierce - totally my kind of heroine!

Anonymous said...

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