Monday, 12 December 2011

Cover Reveal for Deity (Covenant #3) by Jennifer L Armentrout + Vote for Alex

So you all know how much I LOVE the Covenant series, well you guys are in for a treat today. Spencer Hill Press and Jennifer L Armentrout  have kindly given us permission to reveal the cover for Jennifer's third book in the series....DEITY which is to be released in October 2012. 

But firstly WE need your help! How many of you have heard about The YA Sisterhood's Tournaments? Well......Alex from the Covenant series is going head to head with Nora from Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush series today and we need your help to making sure Alex WINS!!! 
How do you help? YOU VOTE....just like Aiden wants you too.

Now.....I bet your wondering what happens if Alex's wins? Well....Jennifer L Armentrout has said that if Alex wins this first match she will post an extra scene between Alex and Aiden, which happens between Half-Blood and Pure! OMG!!! How great is that?? I'm so Team ALEX MUST WIN!!!! 

So please head over to YA Sisterhood Blog and vote for Alex. Please bare in mind the time zone differences, so please check back to their site if the post isn't live yet. 

So now....the cover reveal....are you ready???

*Drumroll please* 

Donna's thoughts: Oh my god, I love it! I was actually thinking the other day what colour will the next cover be and I'm so glad the publishers went with red. It's stunning! I love that the flower is on the cover again but in a slightly different design. But I'm really curious as to the symbol on the women's shoulder....marks of the Apolloyn maybe? I'm sure we will find out soon enough and October 2012 can not come soon enough!! 

Leave us your thoughts below and don't forget to VOTE FOR ALEX!!!!


Evie said...

The cover for Deity is beautiful. I am so in love with the red colour and the tattooed arm twist :)Fantastic! I already voted for Alex and it looks like she's winning - yay! :D

Thanks for spreading the word, can't wait to receive Pure (hopefully this week!).

Muah, muah *blows kisses*

Lindsey's Bookshelf said...

I love the cover, there a beautiful series..

Unknown said...

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