Friday 16 December 2011

A Review for Witches Anonymous by Misty Evans

Posted by Guest Reviewer Melanie
Published Date: February 24th, 2009
Finished Date: December 15th, 2011
Source: For Review from Author
Format: Kindle
Pages: 105
The Blurb from Goodreads: Can a bad witch go good in thirteen steps? Not if Lucifer has his way with her! A Tickle My Fantasy story. Amy Atwood is a witch. Not the harm-none kind…the Satan-worshipping, devil-made-me-do-it kind. But after catching Lucifer in a particularly wicked hex act with her goodie-two-shoes Wiccan sister, Amy does what every self-respecting witch would do. She pops a Dove chocolate in her mouth, ends her affair with the devil, and swears an oath never to use magic again. She wants to be normal. Human. Even if it means no more fun—and she’s looking for a nice, normal guy to complement her new lifestyle. And ice-cream-loving firefighter Adam Foster looks like perfect hero material. Lucifer, however, isn’t about to be nice about letting her go. Stalked by Satan, manipulated by the angel Gabriel—and surprised by Adam’s true identity—Amy finds herself up to her black hat in trouble of Biblical proportions…

The review: "My name is Amy Atwood and I’m a witch. Not one of those goody-two-shoes Wiccans. No, I’m a Satan worshipping devil made me do it witch. However, after catching Lucifer performing a particularly wicked hex act with Emilia, my sister – a tried and true Wiccan – I turned my back on the devil. I didn’t expect him to be faithful, but bewitching with my sister? High ick-factor. So, no more casting spells to entertain him, no more curses to carry out his desires, no more witchery of any kind. That is why I was attending my first Witches Anonymous meeting’ . . . . . . And with that I was hooked and smiling and I was only on the first page. 

You may recall a review I did for Revenge is sweet by Misty Evans  if not here's my review . . . .well I loved it so, so much that she sent me a couple of her short stories to introduce me to another of her series ‘Witches Anonymous’ featuring a couple of characters who popped up in Revenge is Sweet, Amy & Lucifer. Needless to say I loved this too ! It was so easy to read, you don’t have to think about anything – it just flows, the plot is fast moving with quite a lot to get into a short book and the humour is great creating some really comic moments. 

Poor Amy is just trying to get on with her life following Lucifer’s betrayal, finding a man who she really likes and trying to get to know him better along with trying to keep her oath of not using her powers anymore. While Lucifer can’t seem to let go of Amy no matter how much she wishes he would and her sister blaming her for it. The characters are likable and funny, again the humour and situations they get into are classic and add to their appeal.   I found the ‘shoe episode’ and ‘wake up call’ particularly funny and sat with a smile on my face for most of the book. Don’t just take my word for it though, read this book and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

This is the part where I usually say how much I’m looking forward to the next one, its going on my TBR list and then having to wait 6+months for it . . . . . . But not this time, as Misty has also sent me Jingle Hells – another in the Witches Anonymous series and seen as Christmas is nearly upon us what better way to get into the Christmas spirit so keep an eye out for that review coming real soon.

A huge thank you to Misty Evans for giving me the opportunity to review this book. 

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Giselle said...

Never heard of this one before but it sounds like it's right up my alley I love the sounds of it! I'll have to check out Revenge is Sweet. Great review :)

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