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A Review for Half-Blood and Pure (Covenant #1 & 2) by Jennifer Armentrout

Posted by Jess
Published Date for Half-Blood: October 18th, 2011 
Published Date for Pure: April 3rd, 2012
Finished Date for Half Blood: April 15th, 2012
Finished Date for Pure: 17th April, 2012 
Publishers: Spencer Hill Press
Source: Bought
Format: eBook

The Review: Awesome. There, that's my review. Lol. No okay, in all seriousness. I'm not even sure why it took me so long to start this series! Donna kept bugging me forever saying I needed to read and finally I did. And I loved them both. I didn't want to do individual reviews so I'm joining them and giving you and overall in the series so far.

Overall I loved every minute of both of these. Book 1 started out awesome and although there were a few similarities to Vampire Academy, Jennifer still managed to suck into her writing and the world that she created. I couldn't put them down I loved them both so much, and the story just grew stronger in Pure, leading away from similarities to VA. 

Alex is super kick ass, I loved her. She doesn't take an crap from anyone and she dishes it out just as good as getting it. Aiden is completely swoon worthy, and from the moment he walked into the scene to save Alex, I loved him. The romance between these two was well done. Sadly it very much reminded me of the romance between Rose and Dimitri, the forbidden love, the training sessions, the sexual tension, the forbidden kisses, the electric touches that make your toes curl. It had everything and it gradually develops, but both try not to succumb to their passion as ultimately it would end in Alex being sent into servitude for loving a Pure-Blood. Enter Seth, ah Seth, he's the equivalent of Adrian Ivashkov. The easy choice for Alex, this is very much a love/hate relationship between the two and Jennifer manages to portray both side of the relationships with Alex and Aiden and Alex and Seth. It's all nicely written and leaves you swooning and laughing out loud.

I don't know Jennifer personally, but I do get a sense of her humour over Facebook. And her sense of humour and personality shines through in her writing, especially in Alex and anything sarcastic that might said. For books such as these to work, I believe the author needs to put their whole heart and sole into writing and telling the story they want to tell. And this is told extremely well, with a hint of VA and some Greek Mythology  these series so far has worked out wonderfully. And I'm not mad at the similarities between this and Vampire Academy, I just hope that Jennifer realises that she is a wonderful author and a talented story teller that she will then lead it away from similarities and make it completely her own. The story itself and characters within have potential to be amazing. During Pure it became clear that this series was going to epic, and with everything that happened in books 1 & 2 I look forward to more from them and story in Deity. 

I do recommend this series, I really do. If you haven't read Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead and you decide to pick Half-Blood up first, you definitely won't be disappointed. But for Vampire Academy fans, try to look past all the similarities because other than being similar Half-Blood and Pure are completely their own and are absolutely mesmerising. Books that I'm going to treasure forever.

4 flowers for Half-Blood 

5 flowers for Pure


Daniëlle @ Daily Dose of Books said...

Really exciting! I just got Half-Blood in eBook format, so excited to read it! Thanks for your great review!

Elodie RASO said...

I read Half Blood about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely loved it, I can already tell that it is one of my favourite YA series .. I actually received Pure last week but haven't read it yet because I had to study for my finals that are this week ARGHHHH and I want to read it to kick off my summer vacation (yeah you read right I'll be on summer vacation from April 27th to September 10th .. College in France is great) lol !! Thanks for the review : I've only read the first half in case there'd be spoilers in the second one :) !! Glad to know you enjoyed Pure even more than Half-Blood Jess .. =) 

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Awesome review! I adore these books and love Alex's sarcasm. Jennifer really does put her sense of humour to good use! :) I'm glad to see you loved these books too.

Book Angel Emma said...

Been on my wish-list for ages - MUST get :D 

Rebecca (Kindle Fever) said...

Oh, I loved Half-Blood (even more than the first VA actually o:) and I SO need to read Pure ASAP. It seems like most people thinks it's even better than HB, so I'm definitely looking forward to it! Great review:)

Ruth Foley said...

 The Review: Awesome. There, that's my review. Lol.Thats brilliant I love it!

Lisa 'Li-li' Harwood said...

Great review!! I loved Half-Blood but I haven't got round to reading Pure yet, I really need to read it soon

Alyssa_Susanna said...

Nice review! I have not read Half-Blood, Daimon, or Pure. I read Obsidian and loved it, and I can't wait for Onyx. However, I don't think I'd be able to wait for another entire series to come out, with five books and two novellas. It's too much. I'm willing to do so for the Lux series, because I've already read Obsidian. I'll read the Covenant series when they are finished. It's just too much of a wait. And my public library doesn't have any of the Covenant series. But, thanks for the review!!!

Alyssa Susanna

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