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Blog Tour: A Review for The Gates (The Resistance Trilogy #2) by Rachael Wade

The Gates (The Resistance Trilogy, #2)Posted by Guest Reviewer Melanie
Published Date: March 1st, 2012
Finished Date: March 16th, 2012
Source: For Review from Author
Format: Kindle
Pages: 245 
The Blurb from Goodreads: Getting there is Half the Battle...Armed with more unsettling knowledge about Gavin Devereaux and her circle of friends, Camille Hart is faced with new adversities and lethal propositions when she returns to the Amaranth exile to carry out Gavin’s risky crusade. Realizing her journey through the bayou was only the beginning of her struggle to stay with Gavin, she finds that leaving her Louisiana home is the least of her worries. New evils await her on the other side, and as she and her friends press on with their mission, they are confronted with the reality that everything doesn't always go according to plan. As secrets unfold and alliances are formed and broken, only the strongest will survive and the power of love will be tested when a war between witches, humans, and vampires erupts into an all-out power struggle and all is on the verge of being lost.
The Review: In this 2nd book in The Resistance Trilogy we find Gavin and Camille still in Paris a couple of weeks following the revelations with Arianna and together they get the resistances’ wheels in motion. They aren’t the only ones who want Amaranths’ queen -Samira gone and they come up with a plan of action which also brings Camille to the attention of a certain someone from Gavins’ past who brings out her insecurities. Never the less, they come up with a plan that sees them split into two groups or two waves as it were to gain freedom for Amaranth by killing Samira and hopefully freedom from their curse. Gavin and Camille are among the first wave to enter the haven in preparation for the next portal opening on the crescent moon when the others will bring the battle to the gates, what they don’t count on is that everything and everyone may not be as they seem and some harsh decisions and drastic actions are going to be needed if they want to make it out of there alive. But as secrets and lies are revealed and each side plays their hand, who will come out on top? Or has Gavin and Camille’s luck finally run out?
Now that’s what I’m talking about! This is a really good step up from book 1 (which I rated 3*s) and it’s great to see the progression of not only the characters but the plot too. In book one I didn’t really feel connected to Gavin & Camille and I wanted more from them emotionally and in their relationship and boy did we get it here. I was dragged into their relationship and felt everything they were going through – good and bad. There were sweet & wonderful times but also heart breaking times for them as they try to maintain a relationship whilst organising an army, trying to avoid the attention of the queen and awaiting the planned invasion. Their love though, really shone through in this and made me believe in them. Another character that got better for me was Audrey, I lost track of the amount of times I truly laughed out loud at her humour. She was hilarious and provided a nice lift to an otherwise serious situation and I really appreciate her for that, I only wish she had a bigger role, maybe some powers – yeah that would be awesome along with her wit.
As I said the plot/storyline progressed well too, once they had returned to Amaranth and I kept reading, I was always aware of the danger they were in. always thinking that with each page they were going to be found out or worse. I really wanted to hurt one of the characters which shows how much it affected me and I kept turning the pages even though I kept thinking something was going to go wrong. It really kept me on my toes with the twists and turns and just when you thought it was going one way, it went another so you didn’t know what was going to come next and the pacing was great too. I liked that we saw a bit more of the Hoodoo being used and hope we are going to see more of that, I also like the skeletons in the closet that burst from nowhere, leaving me open mouthed. 

The events in this book and the epilogue have really left me really wanting book 3 which is on my TBR list right now. So Ms Wade, if you can bump my opinion from a 3 star for book 1 and a 4 star for book 2 does that mean the final book is going to be a 5 star? I really hope so, the game was upped here and I liked it, it surprised me so please feel free to surprise me some more in the finale -The Tragedy of Knowledge – earmarked for October 2012.

The Gates On Tour!
Book 2 of The Resistance Trilogy, a paranormal fantasy romance series. 
Available 4/25 from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Song: Seven Devils  *The Gates theme song*
Artist: Florence and the Machine
Tour Date: 4/20/12
Venue: The Amaranth Exile
Scene Snapshot: Gavin and Camille begin their mission to set the Amaranthians free
Anthem:  Holy water cannot help you now
A thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See I've come to burn your kingdom down
Holy water cannot help you now
See I've come to burn your kingdom down
And no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out
I'm gonna raise the stakes, I'm gonna smoke you out
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Christina Fiorelli said...

This is great when characters and stories grow from book to book!

Thanks so much

Carly said...

Great review, Melanie :) I loved this book myself & I cannot wait for the final instalment. I have the tour stop on my blog tomorrow, YAY :) said...

@ Melanie--Thank you kindly for such a lovely guest review. I appreciate you taking the time to read and review and hope you enjoy the final installment of the series as well. :)

Also thank you to all the ladies at BPFL for taking the time to host me on this tour.

Much love,

Natalie @ Book Lovers Life said...

Great review. Im excited to see where the story goes so thanks for the chance.

Crystal Clifton said...

so excited for book two

the CynikalKat said...

thanks for the giveaway! I am So looking forward to book #2!

Wee Shubba said...

Oh this sounds good. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

Great review! It's great to hear this was an improvement on the first book. :) said...

Christina, Carly, Nat, Crystal, Katherine, Siobhan, and Sam: Thank you all for your interest in the series and for stopping by. Hope you enjoy!


Leannessf said...

I just downloaded Amaranth from Amazon and started reading it! Loving it so far! Can't wait to see what happens next!


Kelly said...

Nice anthem! Thanks for the tour. Learning more and more about the series. Looking forward to reading it!!

Bakerette said...

Can't wait to get started on this series!

Bakerette said...

Can't wait to start this series!

Elodie said...

Glad you enjoyed this one more than the first one, I'm hoping you'll love the third one even more :) !!
I'm adding the first book to my Goodreads ..
Thanks for the great review :) !!

Anonymous said...

It must be a great book:)because Amaranth is:)
Thanks for the giveaway!:)

Bex said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this one even more than the first one! :) I actually hadn't heard of it before, but I admit I'm curious now. I definitely hope next one will be even better! said...

Bakerette, Elodie, Kate, and Rebecca: Thank all of you ladies for your interest in the series and for stopping by. Hope you enjoy it.



DeeDee Griffin said...

This series sounds right up my alley! I've added it to my TBR list. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

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