Sunday 15 April 2012

In My Mailbox (#47)

Hey guys! 
So we're back after no In My Mailbox last week and have we got some awesome books to show you from the last two weeks. So let's get started. 

Donna's In My Mailbox

For Review: 
Red Glove by Holly Black 
The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
A Million Suns by Beth Revis
Earthseed by Pamela Sargent
The Promise by Jessica Sorensen (*Forgot to include)
Graffiti Moon by Cat Crowley
Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Partials by Dan Wells
Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult
Vampire, Interrupted by Lynsay Sands
Dark Heart Surrender by Lee Monroe

Won of off Book Angel Booktopia: 
Ditched: A Love Story by Robin Mellom

Stay with Me by Paul Girffin 
A huge thank you to Natalie! You're so awesome and I can't wait to read it. =)

eBooks for Review:
(Click on the book covers to be taken to Goodreads/reviews)
Flirting in Italian Until I Die (Revenants, #2) Arise (Hereafter #2) Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2)
Destined (Wings, #4) Untouched (Denazen, #1.5) Onyx (Lux, #2) Masque of the Red Death 

Awesome Swag for a Giveaway inc signed bookmarks & book plates and flower tattoos.
Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett

A huge thank you to Angela Corbett, Hachette UK, HarperCollins UK, Simon & Schuster, Gonallcz, Puffin, Entangled Publishing, NetGalley, Edelweiss, Natalie & Book Angel Bookopia. 

Jess's In My Mailbox

Switched by Amanda Hocking
Torn by Amanda Hocking
Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James

For Review:
Fateful by Claudia Grey
Fallen by Laurey Falter

Books Borrowed: 
Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohol

eBooks for Review:
(Click on the book covers to be taken to Goodreads) 
The Shapeshifter's Secret  Immersed in Pleasure 
eBooks Bought
(Click on the book covers to be taken to Goodreads) 
Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire  Almost Knight (The Unfinished Heroes, #1) Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Haha, so many naughty books. Well that's me! Thanks for MIRA for accepting me on NetGalley for New Girl. Very excited about this one as I'm familiar with the original 'Rebecca' story. 


Lesley said...

Jess I finished Bared to You the other day, it's very Fiftyish I think you will like it. I bought some very hot kindle bargains too!

Donna I'm so jealous you have Insurgent, I feel like I've had it pre-ordered for ever. I can't wait to read it.

Tipsy Misty said...

Oh Donna, I so desperately want The hunt! Please can I borrow it with sugar on top? :p

Such fabulous hauls girls, enjoy your books!

Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

Wow, you both got so many amazing books! :D Donna, I can't wait for my copy of Insurgent to arrive. I know you loved it and that is making me even more excited. :D Hope you both enjoy reading all your new books!

Michelle @ Much Loved Books said...

Awesome IMM this week. I may be slightly jealous you have Destined.
I have Red Glove, but still have not got around to reading it yet.

You have Insurgent!!!!! I hope my copy comes soon, I can't wait to make a start on it. Partials is a great read and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

New Girl sounds great and I can't wait to get a copy of this.

Check out my IMM

Unknown said...

You have one amazing mailbox!!! I can't wait to get my hands on Arise and Until I Die!!! The prequels were ones of my favorite reads last year :) and Masque of the Red Death sounds really amazing!

Fateful I have already read and it's a great read!

check out my IMM :)

Anonymous said...

WOAH! Lots of great books this week! I really want to read the Across the Universe series! So jealous of Insurgent, Until I Die, Dreamless and Masque of the Red Death! :)

I also just read Switched by Amanda Hocking this week and it was really good!

Here's my IMM!

Happy reading!

-Lexi, the Literature Lion

Sally@Always Lost in Stories said...

You both have amazing book hauls!
Insurgent wow! I really want to read Arise, Until I Die, and Fateful as well.
I have to say though, I prefer the American covers (as usual) for A Million Suns and New Girl.
Enjoy all your books girls!

Emily Blake said...

Omg I want The Hunt so BAD! I want I want I want. And I can't wait to read Partials. I love the cover! Thanks for sharing ladies!

Check out my IMM

tthepageturner said...

Donna - I LOVED Partials! Hope you do too. :)

Megan at Book Brats said...

The Hunt is on my shelf and I CANNOT wait to read it! It just looks amazing. And Partials is really good! I need to check out a lot more of these. They look/sound amazing!

The Week at Book Brats!

Farah said...

Eeeppp!!! So many great books! So jealous that you already got Destined. Great haul! =D

Drop by my IMM?

Sam said...

You've got Onyx?!?! :OOO So jealous! :D

Suzanne (Parabooklover) said...

Awesome hauls for your both. I can't wait for Until I Die. I hope you both enjoy all your books. Happy Reading!


Naga said...

I love all your book choices!!
(by the way, it's so weird seeing Insurgent in other cover than the green one.. soo weird ^^')
Both of you, enjoy reading them! ^^

Read Into Hiding

Kristin @ Addicted to HEA said...

You guys have THE best covers over there! I love seeing the different covers for the books (Red Glove, A Million Suns, Insurgent...) Holy haul, btw, Donna!!!

Jess ~ I can't wait to see what YOU think of Fifty! As much as I'm curious about Fifty, I've decided not to get it b/c I heard the writing is "meh". I am gonna check out Bared to You, tho, b/c we all need a break from YA now and then ;)

My IMM -Kristin @myparahangover

Anonymous said...

Onyx seems to be a popular one :) Great haul! You've got so many great books. Enjoy!

The Magic Attic Book Blog

Sara @ Forever 17 Books said...

So many great books! I loved Graffiti Moon and I am almost finished with Insurgent! Can't wait to hear about Flirting in Italian because it sounds amazing. Happy reading! :)


Book Passion for Life said...

Haha Kristen, I've already read Fifty and loved it. I just had to buy the new version.

Glad you all love our haul.

Lesley-I can't wait to read it :) always time to take a break from YA.


Janie said...

So many good books - so little time! ;)

I squealed when I saw Insurgent - I can't wait for it to come out! I have it preordered.

April said...

I don't even know where to begin with commenting. there are about 50 ton of amazing books on here.

I'm really looking forward to insurgent when It comes out. I recently read divergent. Not sure why I waited so long, but I wont be waiting that long with the sequel, that's for sure.

Yay partials. A friend lent that to me, it's on my shelf and I'm hoping to get to it real soon.

actually, to cover all my bases I'll just say yay to all of them up there! lol

have a great week!

Read Write Reviews said...

You have so many books. I'm so jealous. they all look extremly good!

In My Mailbox Post

Paige said...

I read Ditched a while back and it was such a good read. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. Here's my IMM!

~Paige @ Comfort Books

Anna @ Literary Exploration said...

Lots of crazy goodness this week ladies!!!! Insurgent! The Hunt!! Awesome stuff, super jealous!!! Have a great week and enjoy all your books!!

Anna @ Literary Exploration

serendipity_viv said...

Until I Die is on Net Galley? I did not know this! *runs*

Dazzling Mage said...

Woah! Amazing haul this week!

Happy reading!

Bella said...

Wow you got some AMAZING books this week! *stares at Insurgent* o_O
I got Graffiti Moon this week too - I'm really excited to read it, I've only heard good things!
Are those ebooks for review from NetGalley? I couldn't find Dreamless or Until I Die on there :S

Elisa said...

Super awesome haul this week!
Wow i'm so jealous of you both, you got a lot of books i'm dying to read like Insurgent, A Million Suns, Partials and those fabulous titles of e-book. I also really want to read Trylle trilogy and Fateful. New Girl looks awesome too.

Enjoy your new books!
My IMM :

speculatef said...

Fantastic books! Wow, INSURGENT, so lucky there Donna! And Graffiti Moon too! I got Partials a while ago and am dying to read it, it sounds so good :-) And I've ordered copies of Untouched and Onyx for when they come out!

And Jess! I'm reading Switched and Torn this week, so I hope you enjoy them too! The Shapeshifter's Secret looks nice too!

Enjoy your books ladies!
Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic

Carina Olsen said...

Ohh, awesome mailboxes :D Donna; so jealous about Insurgent and The Hunt! <3 Lots of awesome books this week :D Also loving the swag ;) And Jess; your books looks awesome as well :D I enjoyed Fateful ;p Hope you both enjoy and love everything you got :) <3
Love, Carina

Alba said...

This is too much T_T I think I'll faint right now-excuse me-

Thanks for dropping by BookPics T_T

Celine said...

What an awesome haul! Absolutely can't wait to read those books and I hope you enjoy every single one of them! :) Happy reading!

Elodie said...

What a great mailbox girls !!
@Donna I haven't read any of the books you got but I'm dying to read most of them !! I really can't wait to read your reviews on all these books :). I love the swag ;)
@Jess I've only read Fateful in the books you got and I thought that it was a nice and quick read ! Looking forward to know what you think of all the other books !
Happy reading girls :)

Stephanie said...

SO MANY GOOD BOOKS! :D The Hunt sounds so good! So jealous of Insurgent! hehe :D And Onyx! :D Hope you like Masque of the Red Death! Great mailbox!

Jasprit said...

Wow you guys got an awesome set of books!! I got Flirting in italian too so I can't wait to see how you find it! :) Onyx and Masque of the red death have also got fab reviews! And I'm glad you loved Onyx Donna!

Jess I can't wait to see how you find Almost, I got a copy but haven't had the chance to ger around to it!

Happy reading! :)

Giselle said...

Oooooh Insurgent! Lucky! :D Partials is really good I loved that one. Graffiti Moon too super sweet! Awesome haul ladies!

Xpresso Reads

Wee Shubba said...

AMAZING IMM this week girls!!! Enjoy

IMM @ Totally Bookalicious

Ruth said...

Seriously I am green with envy looking at ye're inbox...I want everything in it!

Wordsmith Publicity said...

What a huge haul between the two of you! I have a lot of those same books and there are a lot that I want! Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you both have some awesome books. Hope you enjoy reading them :)

Beth said...

Awesome books!! Thanks for sharing!
Beth xx

Christy @ TheReaderBee said...

Soooooooooooooo many great books! I have Partials from the library, and I can't wait to get started on it! I'm also hoping to start the Beautiful Creatures series soon. I've heard good things. I STILL need to read Divergent! :)

Enjoy all your awesome new reads this week!

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