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{Blog Tour Review} Deadgirl by B.C. Johnson

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Release Date: November 6th, 2014
Finished Date: November 5th, 2014
Publishers: Curiosity Quills Press
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Source: For Review 
Format: eBook
Pages: Unknown
Dead is such a strong word . . .

Lucy Day, 15 years old, is murdered on her very first date. Not one to take that kind of thing lying down, she awakens a day later with a seemingly human body and more than a little confusion. Lucy tries to return to her normal life, but the afterlife keeps getting in the way.

Zack, her crush-maybe-boyfriend, isn't exactly excited that she ditched him on their first date. Oh, and Abraham, Lucy’s personal Grim Reaper, begins hunting her, dead-set on righting the error that dropped her back into the spongy flesh of a living girl. Lucy must put her mangled life back together, escape re-death, and learn to control her burgeoning powers while staying one step ahead of Abraham.

But when she learns the devastating price of coming back from the dead, Lucy is forced to make the hardest decision of her re-life — can she really sacrifice her loved ones to stay out of the grave?

The Review: Deadgirl was a fab read, slightly strange and unusual but in a good way.
The synopsis is spot on with its description of the book so straight onto my thoughts….
I thought Deadgirl was a very unique story and it kept my interest all of the way through. Lucy was a very relatable 15yr old going through all of the things a girl that age should be – including her first date which ends in disaster. She had a great voice and outlook that was easy to read and connect with which helped in getting behind her and her problems. Her problem – being that she is sort of dead – was very strange and took a little getting used to but that is what brought the uniqueness to the story, especially with the way she had to do something to stay whole. The danger begins when she starts to be hunted by a mysterious man/entity who seems to want to kill or capture her,  that brought a whole new excitement to the story as a good few run and chase scenarios happen and you’re left wondering just what is going on. She also meets a new friend who helps her a lot with her new existence and the strange plane that she seems to be able to travel to on a whim.
Whilst she is trying to navigate her ‘undead’ life in another place, she also has to manage her home & school life which becomes difficult to say the least because for one; her parents have become super protective since she went missing for the night and two; she has friends and a social life to deal with and lastly; a burgeoning romance with Zack. I liked the bit of love connection that Luce got with Zack, it added a sweetness to the story that we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else and it gave her something to cling to, a hope for that love and something to fight for as she struggles with what she has become.
Obviously things aren’t always hunky dory and the constant fear of not only her personal hunter finding her and taking her to who knows where but also living with the consequences of what she must do and the morality of that. Is being alive worth risking the lives of everyone you love? Luce will certainly decide when all events lead to an inevitable battle in the all action conclusion. So, as I said – great read, unique story, exciting, different, mind-bending, strange and unusual…..but all in the best possible way and very enjoyable. 
B.C.  JohnsonAbout the Author:
B.C. Johnson was born in 1985 in Southern California, and hasn't relocated since. He discovered a love for telling stories at seven-years-old, though those consisted of either fabricating expansive lies, or writing mostly plagiarized stories. Between then and now, he's worked a number of odd jobs, including machinist, lighting designer, demolitionist, sound mixer, receptionist, custodian, and museum events manager.

He recently cut out live theater and now writes full-time. He lives in Anaheim with his awesome fiancée, Gina, who may or may not be some kind of angel, and his half-Corgi, half-Jindo dog, Luna, (or Luna-Tuna, to her friends.) When he's not playing video games, drumming on every surface imaginable, or spending way too much time reading, you may find him writing completely not-stolen (he promises) stories.

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