Tuesday, 17 June 2014

5 Day Summer Spectacular Giveaway; Day 4

Hey everyone! How are you enjoying the giveaways? Well, we're now on day 4! 

 Today we have many more prizes to be won by TWO lucky winners. This is an 17+ Giveaway (open INT) and we also have just a USA only giveaway! If you love Mature YA Paranormal, Adult Paranormal and New Adult, then this is the giveaway for you. 
Excited? We hope so! 

Here is the list of the authors taking part and please do pop over to their Goodreads page and check out their work. 
(Just click on their names to be taken to Goodreads)  
Kim Harnes
Emma Raveling
Jessie Donovan 
Shannan Albright
Brandy L Rivers
Becky Wicks
Janelle Stadler
Stephanie Witter
Aleya Michelle
Erin Horn
Violet Heart
H.D Gordon

Day 4 Giveaway Bundle 4 - Open 17+ ONLY (INT) 


Irene Jackson said...

Thank you all for this truly awesome giveaway.

Lori Hopkins said...

You guys are the best!!!

Alice Priday said...

thank you amazing authors for donating

Kristia said...

Thanks to all the authors who donated for this amazing giveaway! :)

Joanna Moreno said...

To any one being part of the giveaway, thank you!! It's always nice to see how authors and bloggers appreciate followers and readers by doing this. We love you back! ;)

karin said...

thanks for the amazing authors who contributed for this giveaway

jovial_1 said...

Thank you all so much. You are all very generous authors.

Haley S. said...

Thank you for this giveaway!

Joanna Moreno said...

Thank you for all your prizes!

eeyorenyk said...

Thank you amazing authors for donating

Rain Jeys said...

Thanks so much for donating to this giveaway!

Diana Giote said...

Thanks to all the authors that donated to this amazing giveawa!!!

Demitra Giote

Jennifer said...

Great giveaway!!

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