Monday 23 January 2012

US vs UK (#38)

Welcome to Book Passion for Life's 38th US vs UK book cover battle. We've seen this posted on a few other blogs, and thought we'd jump on the band wagon!

The idea of this battle is once a week we'll post 2 sets of books of our choice, one US cover and one UK cover, and we'll just give our opinion on which one we love the most. Which cover captures the story, which one would catch our eye if we saw it on the shelf in a shop. The US cover will be on the left, and the UK cover will be on the right.

US vs UK Round 38

Legend by Marie Lu


Jess says: I think I'm going with the UK for this one. I like both, but the UK seems to be more out there and I guess fits a little more to the story.

Donna says:  UK wins hands down for me. I really like both covers, the US one is simple but I think too simple where as the UK cover tells a little bit more about the story. The UK cover looks like something from a movie but I really love it. 

Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer


Jess says: Hmm this is a hard one. I really like both, but if I really had to choose? I'd pick the UK for this as well. I love all the blue and I especially love the tiger (or lion??) on the cover. So if I was to buy this book it would be the UK cover that I buy.

Donna says:  I have this book for review and I have to say choosing a cover a hard one. I really love both. I love the colours of the green on the US cover and the snake but then I feel the UK fits the book better with the tiger. Ummmm.....I think I'm going to pick the US cover though, if it was a book I was going to buy, I'd pick that one. 

Which do you prefer?

Okay guys, this weeks US vs UK goes to.........UK with 3 votes

Come back next week for more US vs UK! :)


Tipsy Misty said...

Errrr it's a panther lol
I prefer the US cover with the snake, the green stands out a lot and I just don't like the UK one.
For Legend I definitely prefer UK, the US one is so plain and boring and the colours clash, the UK one has more to it and is darker

Carina Olsen said...

I like the US cover of Legend the most :D Think it's gorgeous :) I like the UK one, but not liking the girl on it very much (A)
Also like the US edition of Arcadia Awakens the most :)

Carina said...

Definitely UK for Legend and US for Acardia Awakens. :)
Pretty covers, thanks for sharing!


tthepageturner said...

I'd pick US for both, but I have to agree that the UK cover for Legend is better fits the story. =)

Sally@Always Lost in Stories said...

I prefer the UK cover for Legend as I think it's more striking, but I LOVE the US cover for Arcadia Awakens. It just looks so much more interesting and creepy. The UK cover looks too much like a children's book, and it's too dark and there's a panther on it. There's nothing about the UK cover that would make me pick it up off the shelf, but I adore the US cover.

Wee Shubba said...

legend: UK, I love it. It's screams Dystopian and the girls looks like she ready to kick ass.

Arcadia: US, I love everything about it. I like the UK one aswell but the US one is more eye catching

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Mierke said...

Legend - So hard to chose! I think I prefer the US one just a bit more. It's simple, but special.

Arcadia Awakens - Wow, those are both gorgeous too! But I have to go with the US one, I love the green colour.

Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures said...

It's an easy one for me! UK for Legend and US for the second one! :D Love those covers, great pick!

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

hmm I think for Legend I actually like the US one...I like the UK one but it looks more like a movie poster lol Oh and the second one I have no idea which one I like more! There both amazing covers! (:

Jess said...

Wow, I have to give it to the U.K cover of Legend it's stunning

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