Saturday 7 January 2012

A Review for Forbidden (The Guardian Chronicles #1) by Megan Curd

Posted By Donna
Published Date: October 22nd, 2011
Finished Date: January 4th, 2012
Source: Bought - 2012 TBR Reading Challenge
Format: Kindle
Pages: 270
The Blurb from Goodreads: Levi's job is to protect his human until it's their time to go. That's what a Guard does. He's done it for years on end, and he'll spend his eternity doing the same, mundane thing, following the same, mundane rules....Watch from afar...Never share your name....And above all, never touch a human. What Levi doesn't know is that his newest human to protect, Hannah, just might be the catalyst to tipping the scales between good and evil, and he will be forced to decide which side he belongs to. Which friends will he side with, and who will he ultimately protect: his human, or the delicate balance that hangs on stopping the heartbeat of the person he has sworn to protect? And, when you're already condemned, what's there to lose by breaking the rules?
The Review: 3.5 out of 5: After reading and loving Megan Curd’s other novel Bridger, I knew I wanted to start Forbidden straight away and I’m so glad I did, because Forbidden is the perfect novel for any girl who wants to get inside the head of swoon-worthy and loveable male character.

Forbidden follows the life of Levi, a boy who died over 1000 years ago but is currently working as a Guard; someone who watches over people to keep them safe until their time comes to die. Levi call is young girl called Hannah, who he feels drawn too but he doesn’t know why. He’s always been told not to get attached to his call, never speak to them, never reveal your name and never ever touch them. But when Levi saves Hannah from a Fallen; an evil being all the rules that he have been drilled into him go out the window when he finds himself falling for Hannah.

Megan Curd sure does know how to captivate you from the very first page of her novels and I found myself enjoying Forbidden all the way to the very last page. I LOVED that this book was told from a male perspective and LOVED how swoon-worthy Levi is. It's any girls dream to get inside the head of a bad boy guardian angel but deep down, Levi is a good and genuine guy. His feelings and needs to protect Hannah are more than how a normal guard would feel towards his call and I loved watching him battle with what he thought was right and wrong. He was brave, strong and stood up for what he believed in and all these qualities did shine bright through him.

I also really loved the secondary characters like Angie and Ethan. Ethan really filled this novel with so many laughs. The banter between him and Levi was fantastic and I loved the twists that involved him and Angie. Now Hannah is a different kettle of fish, I really couldn’t connect to her as a character. I understood that Levi was drawn to her but I couldn’t understand why, maybe it’s because of Hannah’s bigger purpose in the story but I felt there was room for more details just to help us readers to connect to her that much more. I have to say I was really frustrated with her when she refused to listen to Levi’s past even though she assured him she would listen, poor Levi. However despite this I still enjoyed the overall story and I urge everyone to try Megan Curd’s books this year because I really love reading her work and I’m sure you will too.


Rachel Triska said...

I really hate it when you can't connect to a character. It's even worse when it's the MAIN character that you don't understand. Still, I am glad that it was worth reading.

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

Awh I loved Forbidden, but yes I wish Hannah would've been different..I think book two will deff explain more maybe about why they care for each other etc, but I guess we shall see! (:

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