Wednesday 25 January 2012

A Review for Amber Frost (The Lost Magic #1) By Suzi Davis

Posted by Guest Reviewer Melanie
Published Date: December 7th, 2010
Finished Date: January 22nd, 2012
Source: For Review
Format: Kindle
Pages: 292
The Blurb from Goodreads: Grace Lynn Stevenson is an eighteen year old girl who recently moved with her wealthy, but busy parents to a new city. She's popular, pretty and rich - what more could a girl want? But deep down, she's sad, lonely and plagued by nightmares. When she meets Sebastian Caldwood at her new private school, she's inexplicably drawn to him and his strange tattoos. Sebastian always gets what he wants - he simply has to wish it; but he's fighting his own inner demons, and struggling to remember a past that eludes him. When he remembers that he is much older than he looks, he realizes that he's seen many people live and die, including Grace. Once Sebastian realizes his true nature and finds what he has been searching for the past hundreds of years, he also realizes that it is now up to him to protect Grace from the dangers that have plagued them throughout eternity

The Review: I have to admit, I struggled with this book but I have been in a bit of a reading funk so I’ve decided to focus the review mainly on the things I liked about it rather than what I didn’t.

I liked the two main characters, Grace was a poster child for obedience, doing as she was told, never having a thought of her own, going along with what was expected of her, to the extreme in my opinion. I can’t fathom why someone would become such a robot, I mean, her mother was like her jailor and even made her use sunbeds! Nothing like encouraging your child to enhance her chances of skin cancer so I was glad when she met Sebastian and started to question other peoples decisions & views about her. She starts to think less of her image and what is expected and focusses more on making herself happy and pleasing herself. Sebastian is a loner, no one notices him at all, has a dubious background, is covered in tattoos and is quite mysterious. Grace is drawn to him even though she has never really noticed him before and as they start up a friendship he is hot and cold to the point where I was starting to suspect him of having bi polar issues. As time goes by their feelings deepen, bringing out the best in each other. Grace became more likable and Sebastian became less of a loner. It’s later on in the book though that endeared them to me, when things were on the line and dangers become apparent. It brought out a whole different side to them and I appreciated that because I had difficulty connecting with them before that.

The story line was good, I liked what was going on and how it was revealed. The reveal about Sebastian was slightly confusing but is explained a lot more towards the end. I would say the first 60% of the book is more devoted to the changes being made within themselves, how they were changing & falling in love and peoples’ reactions to them, A nice sweet slow burning love story. This is the bit I struggled with though because it felt really slow to me but the next 40% really picked up pace and gave it a good boost that was desperately needed but you realise why the rest of the book was as it was so that you can gauge the depth of feeling. But for all I did get the reason why, I personally like a faster paced book which I hope we would get in the sequel now that the getting to know you, love you, find myself part is over. I’d probably pick the next one up to see what happens to them. So if nice friendship- come- soul mate stories are for you then give it a whirl.


Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

The blurb sounds really great. I'll have to check this one out sometime. Great review! I'm glad you were able to like parts of it even though you struggled with the book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie, I'm not the most unbiased person, (since I'm the publisher!) but the sequel, Silver Dew, is quite fast paced and readers have so far said that they like it even better than Amber Frost. If you're up for reading/reviewing it, let me know!

Henry said...

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