Tuesday 3 January 2012

Donna's Top 5 Self Published Books of 2011

Happy New Year all! 

Seems as I've done my top 10 books of 2011, if anyone noticed there wasn't any self published books in there (here's my list so you can see). Well, I didn't include them because I felt they needed their own post because lets face it, sometimes self published books don't always get the praise they deserve. So today I'm going to show you my top 5 for self published books. All the books I'm going to show you are the ones that really stand out to me today, the ones I'm dying to re-read and the ones I really love, so lets get started. 

5: Madly & Wolfhardt 
by M Leighton

Why I chose Madly & Wolfhardt: This is a book I have only recently read but wow was it good. I've never read any of M Leighton's books before so I never knew what to expect but she really blew me away with her writing. Madly is a novella and the Wolfhardt is a full novel and I assure you, you will love it just as much as me. The main thing that stood out for me was the characters, I loved Madly and I adored Jackson. I'm still thinking about them now even though it's been a few weeks since I read the book, so I would highly recommend this book to anyone. Mermaids + Werewolves? What's not to love! 

4: Brightest Kind of Darkness
by P.T Michelle 

Why I chose Brightest kind of Darkness: I loved this book! Absolutely loved it!  PT Michelle really created something different for us readers and for me it took me out of my normal reading zone, so the fact that it was fantastic left me a very happy girl. The story was completely captivating and had me sitting on the edge of my seat. And I LOVE Ethan! We all need an Ethan. ;)

3. Significance 
by Shelly Crane

Why I  chose Significance:  I only read this book within the last few days and boy am I kicking myself for not reading it sooner. AMAZING! Honestly. AMAZING! If your looking for a love story that will truly touch your heart and leave you wanting more than this is the book for you. Highly recommend it! And I've just finished the second book in the series and OMG was it even better than the first. Read this series guys! 

by Sherry Gammon

Why I chose Unlovable: This was one of the first self published books that I completely fell in love with. I have to admit I wasn't even sure it was my cup of tea before I started it because I was never really a contemp romance fan but Sherry Gammon sure did surprise me and honestly helped me love contemp romance books that much more. Unloveable is a heart-breaking, heart-touching, spine-tingly novel that will leave you  wanting more of Sherry's work. I loved everything about this novel and I think any fans of Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles will love it too.

1. The Fallen Star 
by Jessica Sorensen

Why I chose The Fallen Star: Anyone who hasn't read this series, you need to read it! This series has just about everything, vampires, werewolves, witches and of course fallen stars. Its completely unique from anything else I've ever read and I completely fell in love with the authors work. I loved the characters, the setting and of course the romance, talk about a tense romance. I adore it! I cannot wait to read the final book and I will be sad to see it end. 

So there you have it, my top 5 of self published books. I personally will be trying to read more self published books this year because I love it when authors like the ones listed above completely surprise me! So go and support some of these awesome authors today by purchasing their books and writing a small review on your thoughts! I can't wait to see what books I read in 2012! 


Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

I had no idea Unlovable was self-published! Great list, Donna. I've heard good things about Shelly Crane's books, so I really must get round to read them. :)

Book Addictions by Christina said...

Awesome I have added The Fallen Star to my goodreads list. I had never heard of it before so thanks for the post :)

Rachel Triska said...

Hey, does Significance have a happy ending? I have been weary of reading it because I reeeeally can't do sand endings.

Book Passion for Life said...

Rachel, it's a series and so far they've been good ending. So I would highly recommend them! ~ Donna

Author Sherry Gammon said...

HEY!!! I didn't see this!! Thank you so very much!!! You are AWESOME!!

Amy @ Happily Reading Ever After said...

I've started to get into self-published authors too. I definitely recommend the Keegan Chronicles series by Julia Crane and The Grey Wolves series by Quinn Loftis.

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