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Author Interview: Misty Provencher + eBook Giveaway

Misty Provencher
Author of Cornerstone 
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Author Facts: Misty Provencher is a self-published author who wrote Cornerstone and the upcoming Keystone. You can read the first five chapters of Cornerstone on her blog. 

1.       How did you come up with the idea for the book?
The idea for CORNERSTONE was actually a process of thinking backward.   I had a dream (which is the last book in the series) and I started to wonder how the characters in the dream came to that point, so I had to retrace their path to how it all began.  Sorry I can't tell you more here- it's all TOP SECRET and stuff. 
2.   Are the Ianua and their 4 bloodlines real or pure fiction?
The Ianua are pure fiction.  However, if you're a latin whiz, their names are significant.  But I don't pronounce them correctly.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the Latin crowd would duck tape me to a tree and pummel me with pronunciation lessons if they heard me gurble their language the way I do.
3. How long did it take to write?
CORNERSTONE took four months.  But the end result, with a zillion rewrites and agent suggestions in between, took much longer.  If I glued all the rewrites and stuff together, end to end, we'd have about 7 months total.
4. What was the most challenging thing during the process of writing/publishing your work? 
Writing it was a blast.  I had always read all my books to my BFF, Laura, over the phone but for CORNERSTONE, I refused to tell her my plot outline.  All I would do was read her what I finished every couple of days and I wouldn't answer any of her questions of what came next.  That made her call me each night and scream "READ!!" into the phone when I picked up.  It was a powerful motivator to have someone else as excited as I was about the story, so it also became my goal to surprise her every day with a twist or a cliff hanger that would make her furious at me and, at the same time, get her to call me the next day shouting at me to read to her.  With Laura working so much, I'm looking for another listener these days- any takers?  lol
The most challenging part of the publishing process was waiting without knowing what would happen next.  I'm a get-it-done girl and I am even more reliable than death or taxes.   But publishing has got more of a Jamaican attitude about time...yah mon, you'll hear from us tomorrow...and then you don't hear back for months on end.  That was the difficult part for me.
5. How many books do you plan to release in this series?
Minimum of three, possibly four.  I know where I'm going but I've had to revamp how I'm getting there.  And I can't tell you anything else because it's TOP SECRET.
6.Is the sequel ready?
Not yet.  I was planning on having it out by the spring, but now I'm thinking it will probably be out a year from now- around the same time CORNERSTONE was released.
7. Will we get more of the history of the Ianua and meet more of the bloodlines in the sequel? 
Definitely.  The series is meant to bloom as you read, giving you the same experience as Nalena, as you both learn about and explore this strange new community.  KEYSTONE, the next book in the series, will put you deeper in the community and you'll get to see more of The Fury and how they work too.  
8.Who is your favourite character & why?
Dang, that's like asking which of my kids I like best!  The thing about CORNERSTONE was that I loved writing every one of them.  Nalena is this wicked-strong girl at her core, but she's been worn down from having to always fight back all her life.  I love Garrett's maturity and drive and how he loves Nalena.  And he ain't severe on the eyes neither, ya know?  I adore the Addo for how he refuses to take religion or life or crisis with the grim severity that is so often assigned to it.   I get a bang out of the Reese boys and their antics, Sean and his book smartishness, Iris and her cuteness.  I loved Evangeline for wanting to shield her daughter and Cora for her gicky Kleenex.  And dang, I was cheering when Jen lost her heel too.
9. Who would you like to see play your main characters in a movie?
Huh, I suppose I'd like to see fresh faces that we haven't seen before.  I know in my head what everyone looks like, but really, it's their personalities that are most important, I think.  Like, for Garrett, I have a photo of what his 'spirit' and looks like, if that makes sense.  But it's a photo of a guy that's a lot older than Garrett is.  I have other pics that show different aspects of his facial features, his hair, his physique...but we'd have to glue them all together somehow to actually make the whole Garrett enchilada. 
10. Do you have any other projects on the go or are you planning any? 
I have a million stories in me and right now, I'm working on KEYSTONE and another book, a dark YA, which guessed it...TOP SECRET.  Dull, huh?  I've also got one tucked away that needs a heavy edit and once I've got a minute, I'll rewrite it and release it.

11. Any teasers for book 2? 
There is a tiny teaser taste of KEYSTONE at the back of CORNERSTONE and it's also posted on my blog, but what I can tell you is this:  buckle up for KEYSTONE.  One of the themes for the series is that no matter how mystical...we're all still HUMAN, and in this next book, we're going to see how true that is.  And yes, expect lots more Garrett, Nalena and more Sean!
Want more details on Cornerstone?
Check out the blurb and video trailer below: 

Seventeen-year-old Nalena Maxwell, known as The Waste at her school, has received a sign to join an ancient community. She'd know that, if it wasn't the wrong dang sign. But Garrett Reese,  one of the school's most popular athletes and a boy with eyes as clean as Jesus, knowns exactly what Nalena is and he knows about all the family skeletons that are about to come crashing into her life......

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Yvonne @ The Shadow Realm said...

Thanks for the giveaway! i like the sound of this book, it sounds interesting.

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Awesome interview Misty !
Thanks for letting me review it, can't wait for the next :D

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I can't thank you enough, Melanie! I love your review and I can't wait to have you read KEYSTONE!

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This book sounds so amazing and would love a chance to win a copy so that I can read it. Also I just got a nook so I'm super excited to be able to win ebooks nowww!

Rachel Triska said...

I have been hearing some really good things about this book. I am really looking forward to getting the chance to read it! =-D

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Thanks for the giveaway. I hope the book'll be as good as I've heard

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This one definitely sounds like it would be up my alley! I'm looking forward to a chance to read it - and Keystone!

Roxy Kade said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to get a copy of Cornerstone. It sounds very interesting! i need to know more about the 4 bloodlines!

Natalie @ Book Lovers Life said...

Thanks so much for the chance. I love the sound of this book.

Farah said...

Awesome interview!
Misty books sounded interesting and I'm always open to try new books :)
Thx for the opportunity!

Kelli said...

I read "Cornerstone" and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! It was a fun and fresh look into YA. I also fell in love with Garrett. *sigh*

I wish Misty nothing but SUCCESS!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway- really want to read this, loved the first few chapters!!

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