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{Review} Her Sexy Sentinel by Jenn Burke by Melanie
Release Date: January 26th, 2015
Finished Date: January 2nd, 2015
Publishers: Entangled Covet
Genre: Adult, Romance, Paranormal
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: 200
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A paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

The most dangerous thing they could do is fall in love...

Callie Noble fled to Ottawa to escape danger. But she is far from safe. Overwhelmed by a strange new power she can't control, Callie is terrified and painfully incapacitated. Her only hope is to seek the help of the one man who broke her heart...

Derrick Llewellyn is one of the Sentinels charged with the protection of the city's mysterious secret. Seeing Callie again is a shock enough, but the electricity between them is stronger than ever. Still, loving another marked individual is forbidden, and Callie needs his help—not romantic complications.

But there are forces at work in the city, and Callie finds herself inexorably drawn into a world filled with danger and untold magics. A world where loving Derrick isn't just's the surest way to drive them both mad.

The Review: Her Sexy Sentinel was an intriguing read with a lot of paranormal activity and a dash of forbidden love….
Callie Noble turns up in Ottawa to escape her life, she doesn’t know why she chooses there but is drawn to the place she used to go to college. On arrival, she is attacked by a gang and exposes a power that she never knew she had and when she finds herself nearly passing out, she tries to contact the only person she knows there – Derrick Llewellyn – the guy who broke her heart in college.
Derek is a Sentinel for the citys magic community, he and his sister are charged with keeping the city safe from the forces of evil. The last person he ever expected to hear from is Callie, although he never forgot her, he knows she is marked as a potential and he cannot be in a relationship with another marked person- it’s forbidden in his world.
Callie finds herself flung into Derrick’s world and has to take a crash course in protecting the city along with Derek…. Which unfortunately means they can never act on the spark between them, even if they are drawn to each other and with their connection – how can they stop it?

So….I really enjoyed this story, it was a great, easy read that could easily be read in one sitting.
The set up that the author created was quite different and interesting, I really liked the whole idea behind the Sentinels and what they’re about. I think it’s a given that Callie and Derek would be special in the world of magic because they had already shared a connection that came to an abrupt end years ago and when they’re brought together again years later… you just know it means something and it does! I thought Callie dealt with the discovery of magic really well and I loved that Derrick was her guide through it all, although he could have been a little more forthcoming with what she was to face. I liked their shared history, I love when a couple know each other from the past and reunite in the future, especially when they’re romantically linked and it was clear from the get go that they still had a lot of chemistry and maybe some unfinished business. The fact that Derrick was a Sentinel plays a part in this and also throws a spanner in the works of any reconciliation because it is forbidden for two magic users to be involved in that way, so there goes any chance of them being together but this is tested to the max! I love a bit of forbidden love, it’s the best kind especially here where it’s clear that they belong together and share an unbreakable bond. When a pair with the chemistry that these two have are told they ‘can’t’ be together…. You know it’s going to have the opposite effect and send them straight into each others arms – I’m not complaining because it creates some very hot moments that a brimming with sexual tension and they are oh so steamy, giving us a relationship you can really route for.
The story line was good, plenty of action where we can see how the Sentinels work and are introduced to the enemies and how they enter the world. We get to see Callie come to grips with her new found powers whilst understanding her life has changed and will never be the same again. We see the blossoming relationship between Callie & Derrick that shouldn’t be happening at all and that all heads to an eye opening climax that challenges everything they all thought they knew. It was different, exciting, mysterious and action packed with a nice dose of forbidden love romance and brimming with potential for a series….. which I hope is going to happen because I want more! 

4.5 flowers!

Thank you to Entangled Covet for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Great review! Cannot wait to read this book! :)

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