Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Well today is the day for Book Passion for Life's first Teaser Tuesday.

Teaser Tuesday is meme and hosted by Should be Reading. Basically; we just add little snippets of the book we are currently reading. Spoilers won't be included.

Jessica's Tuesday Teaser:

"Don't think too often, you'll hurt yourself"

"What's to stop me from having my vile way with you now?"
"Nothing, I hope"
"That's the answer I wanted to hear Kitten"

Well it's brief, but I'm only on chapter 4. Maybe Donna can entice you to read her book?

Donna's Teaser Tuesday:

"You did this on purpose," I said to Justin as the man continued to strap me in. 

"Maybe," he said. "What is it you're playing at? Your girlfriend is down there at the river." 

"Let's jump together."  
"Come on Lenah!" Tony called from below. 
"If you jump with me, Tracy will know." 
Justin stood up. "Know what?" 
"I mean , she'll think you did it on purpose." 
"I did do it on purpose," he said. 
"You two," the bungee man said. "Keep you eyes open if you're jumping together. Don't bash heads or anything. I hate cleaning up blood." 
"If you jump with me-" I started to say. "I don't care anymore." 

Leave you teasers below in the comments. or link to your teaser on your blog.

Happy Tuesday :) 

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