Sunday, 13 March 2011

A review for Die for Me (Revenants #1) by Amy Plum

Posted by Donna
Published Date: May 10th, 2011
Finished Date: March 13th, 2011
The Blurb: DIE FOR ME is the first of three books about Kate, a sixteen-year-old American who moves to Paris after the death of her parents. She finds herself falling for Vincent, who she discovers is not the typical French teenager he appears: he is something else entirely. DIE FOR ME presents a new supernatural mythology presented in a city where dreams are sometimes the same as real.

The Review: Die for Me (Revenants #1) is the first book in an new, exciting and fresh series by author Amy Plum and I had high expectations for this book and it really didn't disappoint.

The story follows Kate & her sister moving to Paris to live with their grandparents, after the death of their parents. While her sister Georgia has no problem making new friends, Kate is still struggling with their deaths and ends up shutting the world out. Her days consist of reading in a cafe until one day she meets Vincent. A stunning, attractive 19 year old who doesn't appear to be as he seems. Not only does Kate fall head over heels for Vincent but as she gets to know him, she knows he's hiding a deadly secret - one she intends to find out.

What I liked most about this story, was the French influence that Amy brought to the story. I loved reading about Paris and what it has to offer. I could easily imagine myself standing in the middle of Paris on a cold day looking at all the famous landmarks. 

I did feel that the story started off a little slow but after a few more chapters, you finally start to get into it and I must say, what a completely different take on Ghosts. I have read a few books before on the supernatural creatures but I never really enjoyed them. Die for Me however, I couldn't help but like, as it was a completely new take. Amy made this story her own and I truly loved the concept it. 

What also made this book for me was the characters. I loved every single character and the humour that they all brought to the story. 
The boys were all completely swoon worthy and Kate was really likeable too.

Overall, I did really enjoy the story. I think Amy has done a fantastic job of introducing something fresh and new and I will look forward to seeing how the story progresses when the next book is released.

Thank You to NetGalley and HarperCollins for giving me the opportunity to review this book. 


Siobhán said...

I have this for review. cant wait to read it

Book Passion for Life said...

It was another good one. Probably got as good as The Goddess Test but still a new & interesting.
What you reading now?

Natframpton said...

I have this for review too, I'm a bit more excited about it now :D great review.

Elodie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog !! Yours seems great so that makes me your latest follower ;) !!
Great review !! I can't wait to read this book, the cover looks gorgeous and the blurb sounds really good !! =)
Happy reading !!

bex said...

I keep reading "A review to die for". Lol!

Anyhow, you ladies are really good at making my to-read list grow. I get too curious! Really good review, Donna. :)

Book Passion for Life said...

Thanks for the comments ladies - I really did enjoy :) I hope you all enjoy it :)

Elodie - Thanks for stopping by :) How long you been blogging for?

Bec - I'm going to mail you, I think I have something you MIGHT want, lol. :)

bex said...

Oh, it was something I wanted alright. ;) Lol. Thanks again! *hugs*