Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Cover Design for Nightshade and Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Afternoon all,

As some of you know, Penguin publishers have designed new covers for Andrea Cremer's Nightshade and Wolfsbane.

The original covers will now be for ARC's only. 

Here are the new covers. I like them, I think they'll grow on me. I did much prefer the original covers but Andrea's publishers thought that the new covers set a better feel for what the story is about.

So here are the new covers...What do you guys think? Mine won't be matchy matchy now, so I may need to buy Nightshade again so that its matching....hmmmm

What do you all think? Do you like the new covers? Is this how you picture Calla Tor? Let us know your thoughts below :)

Donna & Jessica


Siobhán said...

i like them but I prefer the original images.

Book Passion for Life said...

I prefer the originals too, although on them Calla has brown hair and in the book - isn't she a blonde? Lol

Book Passion for Life said...

I prefer the originals too. But I like these, they look more like Calla than the originals did.
Yeah she is blonde lol.


Lindsey said...

I Prefer the origenal, I don't like these, they don't draw you in the same as the other covers.

Book Passion for Life said...

Yeah I don't think they drawn you in as much as the originals. I'll admit that the main reason I bought Nightshade was because of the cover. I'll get used to these, its just nice to have a closer version of Calla on the cover.