Friday, 4 March 2011

Good news for our US followers...

Barnes and Noble Special Edition — Letter from Jace to Clary
So, those of you who've read City of Glass will remember that before Clary left for her mission, Jace, after pouring his heart out, wrote Clary a letter. This letter was not published in the City of Glass. 
Do not fear though! 
US book store Barnes & Noble are releasing a special edition of City of Fallen Angels WITH the exclusive 'Letter from Jace to Clary'. Exciting right?
You'll notice that their cover has a special seal  
  • This edition is only available at Barnes and Noble stores and from their online store. That means it is not available from other stores, or in countries where there is not a Barnes and Noble store. 
  • Barnes and Noble does ship overseas but we are unclear on their shipping policies, but I'm sure it says on the site. 
  • Book Passion for Life CANNOT ship any copies.  So please do not ask 
  • Book Passion for Life has NO part in the release of this edition, we are merely stating the great news :)
  • All rights go to Cassandra Clare and everyone else involved in the release of this book.

Thanks for viewing :)

Donna & Jessica


Kayleigh said...

:O i want the letter, how unfair is that? y cnt uk ones have it 2 lol

Book Passion for Life said...

I know Kay-I want the letter as well. I'm tempted to buy it and get it shipped over, but apparently the shipping costs cost an arm and a leg.... :|