Monday, 14 March 2011

A review for Mercy (Mercy #1) by Rebecca Lim

Posted by Donna
Published Date: October 28th, 2010
Finished Date: March 14th, 2011
The Blurb: Mercy doesn't realise it yet, but as she journeys into the darkest places of the human soul, she discovers that she is one of the celestial host exiled with fallen angel, Lucifer. Now she must atone for taking his side. To find her own way back to heaven, Mercy must help a series of humans in crisis and keep the unwary from getting caught up in the games that angels play. Ultimately she must choose between her immortal companion, Lucifer, and a human boy who risks everything for her love.

The Review: Mercy is the first book in an new angel series by author Rebecca Lim. 

This story follows Mercy, who wakes up on a school bus in another girls body. Mercy calls herself a soul snatcher as she inhabits another person's body until she figures out her mission on earth. As Carmen, Mercy stays with a host family as a part of a choir and soon finds out that their daughter Lauren, has been missing for almost 2 years. Realising what her mission is, Mercy begins to help Ryan to solve his sister's disappearance as he believes she is still alive.

I'll be quiet honest, when I say I still have mixed reviews about this book. I've been looking forward to reading it for quiet some time and I'm left with a little disappointment because I only managed to rate it 2 stars. I really liked the concept of Mercy's story but I think because of her confusion about who is she during most of the book, I found that I felt quiet confused too. I'm not to sure if this was done by the author intentionally or not? But for that reason, I feel I didn't really connected with Mercy that well.

I actually did enjoy the journey that Mercy takes with Ryan. I found that I enjoyed this part of the story more than Mercy's background. I felt sometimes that I was reading two different stories and would of much preferred just to read about Mercy & Ryan solving the disappearances and watching their attraction grow.

Nonetheless, I did like the story in the end. The ending for me, actually left me with a little hope that the next few books in the series will be a lot better. I'm really eager to find out what will happen next between Mercy & Ryan, especially considering Mercy will have no memory of him once she enters a new body.

I do believe that this book will be a hit within the Paranormal Romance world and even though I thought the book wasn't brilliant, I will still pick up the rest of the books in the future.

Thank You to NetGalley & Disney-Hyperion for giving me the opportunity to review Rebecca Lim's work. 


BooksforCompany said...

Thanks for this review, l have it out from the library and really need to get to it! It has a few average reviews so would like to see for myself =)

Book Passion for Life said...

Hey Jodie - I know, even though it's a 2 - I'm still looking forward to reading the next few books. :)