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{Review} 100: Homecoming (Hundred #3) by Kass Morgan

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Release Date: February 24th, 2015
Finished Date: March 11th, 2015
Publishers: Hodder 
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Weeks after landing on Earth, the Hundred have managed to create a sense of order amidst their wild, chaotic surroundings. But their delicate balance comes crashing down with the arrival of new dropships from space.

These new arrivals are the lucky ones - back on the Colony, the oxygen is almost gone - but after making it safely to Earth, GLASS's luck seems to be running out. CLARKE leads a rescue party to the crash site, ready to treat the wounded, but she can't stop thinking about her parents who may still be alive. Meanwhile, WELLS struggles to maintain his authority despite the presence of the Vice Chancellor and his armed guards, and BELLAMY must decide whether to face or flee the crimes he thought he'd left behind.

It's time for the Hundred to come together and fight for the freedom they've found on Earth, or risk losing everything - and everyone - they love.

The Review: In Homecoming we see the arrivals of the lucky survivors from the Colony. Some people are happy to welcome more survivors but the arrival of Vice Chancellor causes dismay throughout the 100 survivors who have created a home which they happily keep control of. Bellamy soon finds himself imprisoned by the Vice Chancellor for his crimes. Clarke is determined to help Bellamy escape and try to find her parents. Wells tries to hold on to his position within the camp and Glass is happy to be on earth with Luke but not everything is how she imagines. Can these four repair the damages in their life and keep everyone safe?

If you don’t know already I’m huge fan of The 100 TV show. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to read the books because I wanted to see the differences between the two. Honestly, the TV Show is so much better but there is just something about the book series that keeps me interested. Admittedly it’s not the most exciting to read, it’s actually more about the characters journeys. You don’t get any of the big threats like the TV show especially The Earthborns which we doesn’t get explored as much as I’d like, which I guess is a little disappointing but again, I’m still interested to read more. I read the books because I like them. I read them because they’re easy reads. And I read them because I’m invested in the characters’ lives. 

The plot of this story is more focused on the problems Vice Chancellor Rhodes brings and I completely hated him. I hated him before and I hate him now. The way he tries to overtake the camp is completely wrong – he causes more problems that resolves. 
What I enjoyed about Homecoming was how at peace Wells is with Sasha – wasn’t expecting it but loved it when I read it and I also enjoyed exploring more of the good Earthborn – what little I saw anyway. Clarke and Bellamy have their own troubles and I certainly enjoy their point of views the most. And of course I can’t forget Glass and Luke and while I like both of them, I think their story has become a little pointless. I guess I can’t see why they’re in the story any more.

In all, Kass Morgan’s series is an enjoyable one. It won’t blow you away like the TV show but it’s certainly one to read if you want more from these characters. I was hoping there were more books coming but I think this may be the last one – either way, I’m hoping there’s more. 

Thank you to Hodder for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Maia Moore said...

I've read the first two books but haven't started the TV show yet. I've not been blown away by the books, although I loved the idea initially, but everyone says the show is a lot better. Nice review, I shall have to get on to the third book soon!

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