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{Blog Tour} Accepting Fate (Others of Seattle #3) by Brandy L. Rivers

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Accepting Fate - Book CoverPosted by Melanie 
Release Date: February 23rd, 2015
Finished Date: March 6th, 2015
Publishers: Self Published
Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Source: For Review
Format: eARC
Pages: 432
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Accept fate, or it destroys you...

Michael Nights hides his true nature. To protect his first love, his magic broke free, terrifying Amanda so badly she left. That day convinced him he was the monster she claimed. Horrified by the damage he could cause, he’s vowed to keep his power locked away.

Gwen Fate meets Mike at a party. One look and she’s captivated. Inherently curious, she wants to discover all of his secrets. What she learns compels her to help, whether or not he wants to embrace what he is.

Amanda deLuna has changed, but was it for the better? She arrives back in Seattle and offers Mike what he always wanted.

After finally learning to control his power, Mike will have to choose.

The life he wished for? Or his fate?

The Review: Accepting Fate is another fab read from Brandy L. Rivers.
This time around it is Michael Nights turn to find love. Michael hasn’t had much luck with women, his first love ran out on him when he turned into a monster to protect her and she subsequently became an addict because of that, giving Michael a healthy dose of guilt. He’s always known he had magic but his mother took him to have it bound so they could hide from their father much better, the binding was done at various points throughout his life so that his magic was kept safely hidden but when it was due for renewal, his magic flared… and it’s at one of those points that he unleashed it to save both he and Amanda DeLuna from a crazed man but in doing so, lost the love of his life. He vowed to never unleash his magic again because he didn’t want to be viewed as a monster.
Fast forward five years and Michael is doing ok apart from having his heart broken by Isa and wanting to grab his life back, he encounters Gwen Fate. After a one night stand with the super hot Gwen that had his beast clawing for release, Michael heads off to Edenton to have his magic bound again in what is becoming a weekly occurrence. However, the man who binds it, refuses to do it anymore because he wants Michael to accept who and what he is. Unbeknownst to Michael, Gwen is there and has heard all about his dilemma and it quickly becomes obvious that she is the only one that can help him accept and manage his power. But there’s another threat to Michael, not just from himself but from an old acquaintance……because Amanda’s back and she’s changed in more ways than one…. But with her also comes danger…. And that danger wants Michael’s power and will. Will his love for Amanda cloud his judgement? Or will his connection to Gwen let him finally accept his fate?

I’ve been waiting for this book because Michael is a prominent figure throughout the first two books and he was kinda heart broken in book two when Isa found her soul mate in Toryn. We all knew their ‘arrangement’ would end in tears because Michael had developed feelings for her so I’m glad we weren’t waiting too long for his story. We all know Michael as Roxy’s brother and that their absent father was totally evil and that their mother had hidden them from him…. Well in this we see to what extent she really went because she had bound his magic. Everyone is unaware that Michael has magic, even his own sister and that’s the way Mike would have it, he doesn’t want it or need it but its rising to the surface more often. I really enjoyed getting to know Michael’s character, I never thought he had any magic so this came as a surprise to me. You can really understand why he wanted to keep it under wraps and could empathise with him a lot. I liked how we got glimpses into his past through flashbacks scenes, his child self was cute in his view of his magic before it was bound.
I liked what Gwen had to offer him, her brother had been the same as Michael in his view of magic and it had gone wrong for him when he tried to suppress it so Gwen knows full well what she is dealing with and is in a unique position to help him, this furthered their connection together. I enjoyed their romance and sexytimes, they made a really nice couple and I’m glad Michael could have that, actually Gwen too because we get some of her history and she hasn’t had it easy on the romance front too.
I really liked where the danger was coming from, it’s hard to say anything about it because it would spoil it but their foe is very determined and will stop at nothing. The aim isn’t to kill Michael but to own him in ways you wouldn’t believe. I really liked the way Michael and Gwens stories entwined together (you’ll get it when you read it) like a six degrees of separation thing going on but I like it when they uncover shared friends, acquaintances, experiences etc. but it does make you wonder how their paths haven’t crossed before. I also appreciated the furthering of Roxy and Trevor’s story with some unexpected news that could be either good or bad depending on the way you look at it. The ending is concluded in a way but left open in another way - story wise and I’m really curious as to where that’s headed but for this…. It was another satisfying PNR read from a much loved world with awesome characters and great stories and as always – I’ll be waiting for more. 

4.5 flowers!

Accepting Fate - Teaser 3 


Two weeks ago…
Why am I here again? Mike was having a hard time playing aloof when the woman he’d pined for was clearly off the market. He knew it was coming, and had all along.
Isa stood in the circle of Toryn’s arms, a radiant smile on her face. They belonged together, always had. Neither was willing to admit it before for some ridiculous reason.
Resisting Isa was impossible. She was everything he craved and knew he should stay away from. She had a funny way of frazzling the wards Tremaine placed on him, bringing his magic to the surface. It had been ages since he wanted to tap into that power on purpose. He’d long since learned it was better to shut it down than play with fate. With Isa, he didn’t feel like such a freak because he’d witnessed some of her own weird issues.
Shaking his head, he went back to the makeshift bar, and ordered a beer from Toryn’s old boyfriend. Funny how he seemed perfectly at ease in the same room as Isa and Toryn. Then again, he was flirting with a gorgeous brunette, and a woman at that. At least someone was able to move on.
Leon acknowledged him with a sympathetic smile. “Hey, Mike. What are you drinking?” “Beer, any beer.” He sighed as he leaned against the counter.
Expertly popping off the metal lid, Leon slid a bottle his way. Mike dipped his head in a nod, and tried to tip.
“Nope. Keep it. I’m not taking anyone’s money tonight.”
Mike harrumphed and moved to the corner of the room. He heard the door again and watched a strawberry blonde walk in. She knocked knuckles with some dude who looked eerily like the harder, tatted up version of Toryn.
Mike couldn’t tear his eyes away from the woman as she walked to the bar. Petite, curvy, and wearing a smile full of confidence. His dick woke up for the first time since Isa ended their fucking-friends situation.
He could sense the woman’s essence calling to him from across the room. This party was packed with Others. He’d avoided mingling with their kind for so long, he couldn’t tell what most were. However, the new arrival felt a lot like Tremaine, which made her a mage. Same as Toryn’s look-alike, and several other people in the room.
Her magic sparked his, but he didn’t care. He needed a distraction and she was the one thing taking his mind off Isa.
With a drink in hand, she crossed the room, her honey-colored eyes locked on his. “Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question.
He nodded, took the last sip of his beer and set it down on the nearest table.
She gulped down her drink and placed her glass beside his bottle.
Her eyes lit with desire and there was a command in her voice. “Come here.”
“With pleasure.” He moved closer and her hands landed on his shoulders before he wound his arms around her waist. Soft skin over lean muscle he wanted to explore.
“I’m Gwen. You?”
One corner of his mouth lifted. “Mike. What brings you here?”
Her brow arched as she took a look around. Mischief danced in her eyes. “You’re not what you appear, are you?”
He frowned. “What do you mean?”
“You’re hiding something.”
Shaking his head slowly, he lied through his teeth. “I have no clue what you’re talking about. And you didn’t answer my question.”
She let out a tiny laugh. “A co-worker convinced me coming here tonight was a good idea. I didn’t think so, until I saw you.”
He relaxed slightly, but felt the sparks dance along his spine as she tiptoed up, her breasts pressing into his chest. Desire erupted, and all he could think about was sweeping her off her feet, and carrying her to the nearest bed.
She whispered against his ear, “Relax, Mike. I have all the time in the world to learn your secrets, and I have a feeling it will be worth the wait.”
“Don’t know about that. Not much interesting here.”
“I sense a beast lurking under the surface. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.”
Mike moved back, and Gwen looked up at him with a curious glint. “Too fast?”
“Beast?” His alarm bells pinged off the charts. She knew something about him. Sensitives had never been able to tell what he was in the past. Even when his magic bled through, everyone thought he was a simple human.
“Don’t tell me you aren’t going to be wild when I get you home and strip you down.”
Desire stared back at him. Maybe he was being paranoid. Or maybe she knew what tiger’s tail she was pulling. Maybe the feisty mage would be safe.
Swallowing back his apprehension, he taunted, “Depends. Are you wild?”
“With the right man, you bet. You may be him.”
“Let’s get out of here. You can get to know me.”
Accepting Fate - Teaser 4


Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton and Others of Seattle series. There are more Others of Edenton and Others of Seattle books in the works.
As an avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. She has a file full of manuscripts she plans to edit and put out there eventually. That is if the new story ideas would slow down for a bit.
She lives in Western Washington with her husband and three kids, where she is already working on future stories in each of the series and several other projects.



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