Thursday, 28 April 2011

What is this? 20 questions? No it's actually just 3! (#6)

What is this, 20 Questions? No Its actually its just 3! 

This is a weekly meme created by us:  Book Passion for Life. We created this so you could get to know us a little better. If you want to join in....all you have to do is create three questions for yourself each week and answer them, OR to make things fun, ask your followers to ask you a few questions each week!

Jessica's Q & A's

1) What's your favourite type of music?
My taste in music generally varies depending on my mood. But I'm very much into my alternative Rock, like Paramore and Kings of Leon.
2) Who is you idol?
Ohh this is hard. I'm not sure I really have one right now. When I was younger it used to be Christina Aguleira now I just think she's awesome. So I don't think I actually have one.
3) If you had three wishes, what would you ask for?
Oh okay. I'd wish to have some purple Jimmy Choo shoes, a nice long holiday in the pacific somewhere, and more Jimmy Choo shoes. Lol. 

Donna's Q & A's

1) What's your favourite animal?
I've never been one for animals but I'd love a dog.
2) If you had wings and could fly, where would you go?
I'd fly straight to NEW YORK CITY BABY! I've always wanted to go and I really hope I do sometime.
3) Similar to my question 3-If you had a Genie what would you wish for?
I'd wish for a whole new wardrobe full of clothes, a nice holiday and a new car. Pretty simple :)


That's it for this weeks Q & A's, don't forget to stop by next week. 
Happy reading


bex said...

Great questions and answers! Donna, what kind of dog would you want if you'd get one? :)

Book Passion for Life said...

Ha ha Bex a small one! Lol, I haven't got a clue with the different types of dogs but as long as its cute and small. Lol

bex said...

Lol, yeah, I'm afraid of larger dogs. Mine's real small, people still think he's a puppy and he turned four yesterday. ;)

Book Passion for Life said...

I'd get a huskie puppy if I could. They're expensive though. I'd call him Jacob lol. Huskie's look like wolves so the name Jacob is fitting. Or REN!

Anti-Drug Reads said...

Hey guys!

I'm just dropping by to tell you how much I love your guy's blog. I easily followed. I love the layout. It's so clean and organized- Purple of white is so great. Stop by my blog if you have time.

- Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads