Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Everlasting (The Immortal Series) by Alyson Noel

Hey Guys,

I'm excited! I just had this email from St Martin Griffin.... Its the first chapter of Everlasting, The Immortal Series by Alyson Noel. 

Check it out on Alyson's website : Everlasting First Chapter

I can't wait to read this book and FINALLY get to see what happens between Ever & Damen. :)  Coming June 7th, 2011.


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BooksforCompany said...

Thank you!!!

Book Passion for Life said...

I really need to re-read this series! Also the model on the front of this cover looks like Diana Agron from Gleeee??
Jessica x

Unknown said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I think the model looks just like Diana Agron! But I'm trying to see if it's true. But it definitely looks like her, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

Hazel said...

That's what I thought also! It looks just like her! Can anyone find out who the model is??