Friday, 29 April 2011

UK & EU Summer Hop 2011

We're so thrilled to announce this on our blog FINALLY! A few of us fellow UK'er and EU'er have came up with a great way to give back to all our EUK fans! Over the next few months we will be doing a lot of advertising to make sure this summer hop is a success. So......Here's what will be happening. 

UK/EU Summer Hop is an idea which came to mind after seeing so many blog hops happening around the world. As we know how it is being counted as international residents ourselves, we know how it is to miss out a lot on the US/CA giveaways. Therefore we feel that it's time to focus on us in UK and Europe. We know that shipping is quite expensive from US to Europe and of course it runs both ways. The thing is that we still do miss out more often than not, so here's our chance being in the spotlight!

Since the idea came around we have been planning the giveaway, which we are hoping will take place between Monday 1st August and Monday 8th August, 2011. Each blogger who is taking part has a certain genre of books to give away and each giveaway will be posted on the same day and ending the same day, lasting for a total of 7 days. 

If your a blogger and would like to join us in the UK/EU Blog hop, please email or to sign up. If your a follower....head on over to the blog 
UK & EU Summer Hop! and show us your support. 

There are loads of opportunities to win prizes and more details will come shortly.


Birgit said...

This is an awesome idea and of course I already signed up ... which reminds me, I better make a blog post about this too, so other UK/EU book bloggers may join in as well!!

Book Passion for Life said...

Thank you Brigit! :) So excited to get the advertising done on this! Donna x

My keeper shelf said...

I will do a blog post too. The more free advertising the better!

Lesley @ My keeper shelf