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{Review} Reawakening (Regent Vampire Lords Book 3) by K.L. Kreig

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Release Date: May 18th, 2015
Finished Date: May 13th, 2015
Publishers: Self Published 
Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Romance 
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: 436
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“I’m not a piece of property that you can just claim, Romaric.”
Having been held hostage for a month by vicious vampires, Sarah is now recovering in the most unlikely of places…the shelter that her sister, Kate and her vampire mate, Devon, opened to help such victims as herself. After months under the watchful eye of her sister, she’s finally put a plan into motion to secure her future when a very imposing, very stoic and utterly drop dead gorgeous vampire takes her world by storm and turns it completely upside down.

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong, my beauty. You are mine and I’ve come to do exactly that.”
Romaric Dietrich, West Regent Vampire Lord is one of the oldest vampires alive. He’s cold, calculating and nearly unmatched in power. Vampires recognize their Moiras instantaneously and upon first laying eyes on Sarah Hill, he senses she’s his. His Moira. His Destined mate. The one woman meant to be his and his alone. But how is that possible when he’d loved and lost his first? In his quest to uncover the truth, not only does he discover that Sarah is indeed the other half of his soul, but he’s put himself, and his mate, in the crosshairs of yet another very powerful enemy.

Only bonded together do they have the power to win the battles ahead.
With one look into his icy-blues, Sarah knows that Romaric is not the aloof, uncaring enigma he pretends to be. Underneath his cool, rough exterior lays a passionate, romantic and fiercely loving heart of gold. As they fight the battles to come, Sarah holds the key to not only unlocking his centuries hardened soul, but to the one thing that will save them both from this new nemesis.

But will she make her decision in time? And will they finally get the happiness they both deserve?

The Review: You know, this is why I love reviewing because if I hadn’t have been asked to review this series – I would have totally missed on something so good. Even at the third book; I’m still interested, I’m still loving the characters & their worlds and I’m still left wanting more.
There are three Regent Vampire Lords in this world and the last one standing is Romaric who gleefully watched his other Lords be put through their paces by their Moiras, never expecting that his was just a stone throw away….. but there is a problem – Romaric already had a Moira, so can she really be his?
In the epilogue of book two Sarah is recovering in the refuge - after being held captive by the enemy for a month – she has just found out that she has sisters, she has just found out her heritage and is about to be mesmerised by the most beautiful man/vampire she has ever seen. Romaric sees Sarah and he knows she’s his Moira, he has the overwhelming urge to claim her but is confused as to how this can be, so he does what any confused man does……he runs.
Sarah is left confused by her feelings and with a sense of loss but it isn’t long before Romaric comes back determined to make her his own…. The thing is, Sarah is torn – how can she be with him when he didn’t want her? How can she love one so scary and stoic, someone unwilling to share his past so they can have a future, someone who has rejected her more than once. One thing is for sure – Romaric has got his work cut out for him both in his personal life and professional because through his actions, he brings more than one enemy to his door and it could mean death for both him and Sarah.

I loved this story, truly loved it! Sarah and Romaric make a great pairing; both are damaged, both need to open up but both are survivors in one way or another. I like how the women in this series challenge their men, they don’t take things at face value, they question, they find facts and they dig the dirt up. They don’t want to just sit there and be the pretty mate of a vampire, they put their time and effort into things they believe in, carving out their own path but also accepting that they are now the mate of a strong, protective man who acts like a caveman and I love the situations that arise when they demand something of their women only to be told no! Romaric is no exception, he has to play by Sarah’s rules and wait for her to make decisions, yes it infuriates him but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Romaric came across as quite clueless in how to have a relationship and it was funny when Dev & Damian try to give him advice. The going is quite emotional here as well because Sarah has demons from her time in captivity and Rom has them from his past so it’s clear that both need to open up to move forward – which is easier said than done for Rom. I loved watching their relationship progress though, it’s not easy when you’re with someone who never opens up and just a showing of emotion is like a victory but I enjoyed how they bonded and eventually mated.
The storyline was extra packed this time because we a treat to more than one enemy. We know that one enemy has been about since the beginning of the series but in this one….. Romaric brings one of his own when he revisits a past that should have stayed there. As we get to know our couple we learn more about them and find that Sarah has some gifts, it’s through those gifts that she becomes invaluable to Rom’s survival – not that he knows it. She also enlists the help of someone to find her family tree with surprising results for both of them. The Lords are again trying to sort out the kidnappings, captivity, experiment drama and are gathering intel, they have help from an unexpected source -who may have been misjudged or is a victim of circumstance- and it looks like it’s the final showdown for enemy #1 but #2 is still waiting in the background and Romaric is very much involved in plotting and planning the downfall of that one too. There are a lot of threads in this that keep you really engrossed in the story - as well as the relationship – and through this we meet more people, see what a few of them are about and capable of which opens up the world that much more and I’m really interested in a couple of the newbies. It all comes together for not one, but two showdowns that have some awesome twists and turns that leave you breathless and very satisfied but also wondering what’s next for the Lords. Book 4 is set up in my opinion and definitely one I will look forward to but I want Mike & Giselle’s story soon. 

Thank you to K.L Kreig for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 


Suzi Q, The Book Dame said...

<----doing a happy dance
It's just so good to hear that you wouldn't have discovered this without being asked to review it and then loved it so much. It is also great to hear about a series that is still an excellent read in the 3rd in series.
I don't remember if I have seen this book, but I will head off and check out the first book. Thank you for the great review.

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