Friday 20 September 2019

Feature Post: Bookwork Candles & Crafts - Autumn Themed Candles

I know how much you guys love autumn, so I thought it would give me the perfect opportunity to show you a selection of autumn themed candles by my favourite handmade candle companies, Bookworm Candles and Crafts.

Stars Hollow Inspired Candle - The Gilmore Girls
With the ultimate coffee scent, the Stars Hollow notes are loving bonds, strong coffee and home. And it comes in a jar decorated to match the perfect autumn weather along with a lovely warm peach tone with glitter. Available in 4oz and 8oz there is also a third option for adding the Lorelai and Rory Gilmore magnetic bookmark set.

Hocus Pocus Inspired Candle
Who else loves this movie? Well if you do, this candle is the perfect addition to your movie watching night. With a lovely plum, rose and patchouli scent, the Hocus Pocus notes are sistership, spells and immortality. The candle comes with a collar of green ribbon, along with a witchy charm and a marble green, purple and grey wax. Available in 4oz and an 8oz candle jar.

The Owen Sisters Inspired Candle - Practical Magic
If you love margaritas then this candle is perfect for you! With a warm orange scent with hints of amber, just like a margaritas, The Owen Sisters notes are blood bonds, midnight margaritas and spells. The candles comes with all the touches and has an orange coloured wax with a blue shimmer running through. Available in 4oz and an 8oz candle jar.

Lothlorien - Lord of the Ring inspired candle
The first middle earth candle is here and inspiration has been taken from the Elven Realms with a warm woody scent of patchouli, sweet orange and pine. The wax will be a redwood colour with a gold shimmer running through it along with a ribbon collar and a gorgeous golden tree charm to match. Available in 4oz and an 8oz candle jar.

Fraser's Ridge - Outlander inspired candle
In Drums of Autumn we were introduced to Fraser's Ridge along with the location full of trees and hills and this is where the inspiration for this candle comes from. The scent of the candle is a smokey wood with warm ember undertones. The notes for this candle are foothills, homestead and warm embers. The wax will be a green colour with a golden glitter along with a green tartan coloured collar and a Scottish thistle charm on the larger candle. Available in 4oz and an 80z candle jar.

If you wish to purchase any candles from Bookworm Candles Store, you can save 20% by using DONNABOOKWORM20 on all purchases.

Click this link here to be taken to Bookworm Candle and Crafts Etsy store:


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