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{Review} Lie Down with Dogs: New Adult Urban Fantasy (Black Dog #3) by Hailey Edwards

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Release Date: April 30th, 2015
Finished Date: April 30th, 2015
Publishers: Self Published
Genre: NA, Urban Fantasy
Source: For Review
Format: eARC
Pages: 211
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Black Dog, Book 3

With tentative peace established in Faerie, Thierry returns to her job as a conclave marshal in Texas while the countdown to her coronation begins. But what happens in Faerie doesn't always stay in Faerie. A crown wasn't Theirry's only souvenir from her trip. Her new husband, Rook, is scheming again, and this time his plans are invading her dreams.

When her best friend throws a beachside going away party, Thierry is grateful for the distraction from Rook...and from Shaw. But her presence in Daytona rouses an old evil, one who wants the future queen as the crown jewel of his private collection.

The Review: Lie Down with Dogs is another awesome read in the ‘Black Dog’ series in which we re-join Theirry on her adventures.
The last book proved a real game changer in the series and left me thinking ‘wth’ just happened? Theirry’s life was completely turned around and if you though you knew where the series was headed…. Like me, you would be wrong.
Tee only has a year left on earth before she must take up the role of princess of the Fae, in that year she must not only do her job as a marshal but also learn her duties for the position she will head into. Tee doesn’t want this but with no way out, no loopholes etc. she is stuck and so with that in mind, her best friend decides that a going away vacation is what the girls need, some quality bff time in the sun, sea and sand of Daytona. The trip turns out to be a real eye opener for Tee as her reputation precedes her and more than one supernatural is drawn out to play, with Tee right in their sights.
Not only does she have that on her plate but she has one husband of dubious consent demanding her time in sleep – under the pretence of duty – and an ex who needs her in able to stay alive. Both have secrets, both need her…. But who wants her for the right reasons? As secrets unfold and plans become apparent - Theirry’s about to have her world rocked again.

I really enjoyed this third instalment of the series and the plot definitely thickens. There was a sort of sadness to Theirry this time around as she prepares to move to Fairie which is something she doesn’t want for herself but was cajoled into. She seemed slightly more vulnerable in this which is understandable considering the ordeal she was put through last time. Things are still up in the air with Shaw, I really wish their relationship had not been complicated with a love triangle, their bond was so natural in book one and it all went to crap in book two and she ended up with another man, married in fact and that made me sad. I do like Rook but I feel like Theirry’s feelings toward him are forced and strange, they don’t share the connection that she and Shaw do but I’m happy enough to see it play out.
The storyline was as good a standard as the previous two books and the progression was good also. Everyone thought that Tee had changed allegiances because of her new found status but that wasn’t the case and it caused a little trouble for her, I admired her for her fairness and her need to remain neutral even though it put her at odds with both of her roles. There were a few things going on plot wise that all needed to tie together and I think that was done really well, 3 major threads were; Tee’s problem with an undetectable Fae who was putting her friend in danger; Shaw was on a personal mission to bring peace to his brother and the third is another missing person case that Tee seems to have stumbled into. They will have far reaching effects I believe for the rest of the series but bring with them a lot of questions. There seems to always be a lot of scheming around Tee, a lot of misdirection, manipulation and such and poor Tee always seems to be the one being manipulated – it’s a wonder she trust anyone! So also expect some further revelations about the people in her life that will directly affect her, some good and some not so much. I liked where the story went, it had all of the elements I love in this genre, plenty of action too and there is still plenty of scope to expand. Of course, the ending was left gaping open for the next one and it reeled me in just like the others so I can’t wait for more! 

4.5 Flowers!

Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 


Angela@Angel's Guilty Pleasure said...

I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first two. I just didn't think Thierry did enough character growth in this and I never really liked the love triangle. Even though it was not as good as the others too me, I really can't wait for the final installment and to see how it all turns out.

Thank's for the review. It is nice to read different opinions.

Anonymous said...

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