Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Review for Angel Fire (Angel#2) by L.A Weatherly

Posted by Donna
Published Date: October 1st, 2011
Finished Date: October 10th, 2011
Publishers: Usborne
Source: Finished Copy for Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 709
The Blurb from Goodreads: This is the thrilling second chapter in the electrifying "Angel Trilogy". Angels will never be seen in the same way again. Gorgeous, charismatic Alex has the courage and skill of a trained Angel Killer. Unique, dazzling Willow has the beauty and power that comes with being half-angel. As the power of the malevolent Church of Angels grows, now it's up to Alex and Willow to train a new team of Angel Killers. Willow soon finds her half-angel identity met with hostility by some of the other AKs, while privately, she must wrestle with the knowledge that her father, Raziel, is a depraved, evil angel. However, while life in the AK training camp is tough, at least Alex and Willow are together. But when Alex discovers that the death of his brother and fellow Angel-Killer, Jake, was linked to a secret CIA mission to defeat the angels, he is forced to leave the camp to complete his brother's work... without Willow. Alex promised Willow he would never leave her, but with the fate of the human race at stake, destiny has ruled that Alex and Willow must be parted once more...
The Review: "Willow, things feel more uncertain than ever now," he said finally. "But I love you. For as long as I live - if that's fifty years from now, or just next week - I'll love you."
Let me tell you, Angel Fire was mind-blowing, spine-tingling absolutely brilliant. L.A Weatherly blew me away with her first novel ‘Angel’ and she’s done it again and left my utterly speechless.
We’re back with Willow and Alex once again, their more in love than ever and have high spirits on their journey to try and find more Angel Killers to stop the Angels. On their journey Willow has a premonition that they should head to Mexico because she feels something dangerous is about to happen. What Willow doesn’t except is to start dreaming of a mysterious young boy, who for someone reason she doesn’t want to live without.

When Willow and Alex finally arrive in Mexico, they manage to catch up with some AK’s and start training them. However, the other AK’s aren’t as welcoming to Willow as she’d like. So when Seb finally arrives; the mystery boy from her dreams, she finally feels like she has someone she can relate too.  But will the arrival of Seb stir trouble for Willow and Alex’s relationship? And on top of everything else, the AK’s prepare for a battle that could cost everyone their lives.

Wow!  How do I even try to put in words how much I loved this book? Honestly, I don’t even think I’d do it any justice because it is absolutely fantastic. When I found out Angel Fire was just over 700 pages long, I was shocked. I don’t ever recall reading a book that long and yeah I’ll admit I had my doubts about it. But boy was I wrong. Every single page of that book was meant to be in there and without it I don’t think it would have been the same. I loved it that much that I devoured it within three days and didn’t even want to put it down. So a huge well done to L.A Weatherly!

The story from start to finish was full of intense and action packed scenes and even when we got to the quieter parts of the book, it was still full of incredible emotions that you can’t help but love this book.  The love and heartache that went into the story is very much real and you feel it through-out and especially for our characters, Willow and Alex. There lives are getting more dangerous by the minute and there not getting any easier but still they try to do the best they can and they try to look to the future even though it looks pretty bleak. I love both of them and I’m a huge fan of their relationship but I have to say, I think Seb was a fantastic addition to the story. I know people are thinking ‘Oh no, another love triangle’ but honestly, read this book before you judge it. Yes, the love triangle is a major factor to the back part of the book but it felt like it belonged their. It didn’t feel forced because of Willow and Seb’s situation and even though there were a few heart-breaking and tear-jerking scenes….this is what made this book and for that….I loved this book even more.

The story is heading in a fantastic direction for book three and I honestly can’t even see the outcome. You just never know what to expect and October 2012 can’t come quick enough.  Now I’ve got a long and painful wait for book three but I know it will be well worth it, because L.A Weatherly totally raised the bar with Angel Fire and I know she will give us a spectacular final.

A huge thank you to Usborne Publishing for giving me this fantastic opportunity to review this book.


Jen at Red Hot Books said...

Damn! I was hoping this one would be available on NetGalley. :( I guess I'll have to track down a copy, especially after this review.

Klaudia said...

I didn't really love 'Angel' but will check it up :)

Alba said...

~dying of envy~
~goes asks for it~

Shilpa Mudiganti said...

Great! A second good angel story the same day...going by the disappointing time I had with angel stories, this is very encouraging!

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

ZOMG! That quote from Alex! I just melted in my seat!

So maybe I wasn't too excited to read the sequel but now I need too! Awesome review!

Wee Shubba said...

I wasn't that keen on Angel but this review has got my interest. I may need to pick up angel fire sooner. :)

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