Friday, 21 October 2011

Battle of the Sexes: Winner!

Alright so its been a long process but we finally have a winner! He is male, he is British, he is a vampire, he loves a woman named Cat...have ya guessed yet? That's right! Our battle of the sexes winner is....

Bones! Of the Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

That's right, everyones favourite, sexy vampire has won the battle coming in with 18 votes (22%) to Jace Waylands 16 (19%) (So close). Bones is our ultimate book hero. And here are some quotes that remind us love of why we love him...

"Kitten," he moaned as he threw me down onto the bed. "I only thought I was living before I met you. You'll love me until you die? That's not nearly long enough..."

"If you run from me, I'll chase you. And I'll find you...."

"He looked at the box with interest. "Well, well. Five speeds. Heat and massage. Deep, penetrating action. Sure this isn't yours?"

"I love your hands," he sighed. "You think I look like an angel? Well, Kitten, your hands are my heaven and your eyes are my home"

"If anyone's under a spell Justina, it's me. Your daughter put one on me five years ago, and I haven't broken free of it yet. Oh, and you’ll be delighted to know we’ve resumed our relationship. Don’t bother with congratulations—your expression is congratulations enough."

"Right, then, mate, terribly sorry for my unspeakable rudeness, and I do beg your pardon,"..."I can only say that it was caused by my natural affront to the notion of her as my sister. Since I'll be shagging her tonight, you can imagine how I'd be distressed at the thought of rogering my sibling." (Jess's ultimate fave!)

"Actually, Justina, I didn't just ring you to chat about what an undead murderer I was...right, degenerate whore as well. Did I ever tell you my mum was one? No? Oh blimey, I come from a long line of whores in fact..."
"...called to give you the good news. I asked your daughter to marry me and she accepted. Congratualtions, I will officially be your son-in-law. Now, do you want me to call you mum straightaway, or wait until after the wedding?"

"There I met you, and I fell in love. You can't imagine what that was like after centuries of...emptiness. I hadn't thought I was capable of falling in love, but at last I felt like I had something to give..."

 “Is that a stake, Bones, or are you just happy with my new dress?” “In this case, it's a stake. You could always feel around, see what comes up

This one isn't from Bones, but it's about him...and ultimately, very true indeed:

"Young, old, alive, undead, doesn't matter, I thought ruefully. When Bones is around, women go into heat."

Well there you have it. Bones is sexy, romantic, strong etc...everything a girl could want in a man. And he'll always be a winner in our eyes.


Alba said...

I voted so glad he won!!I love him, his quotes and simply anything that has to do with him...all these quotes just make me want to read the books that are out all over again!!!!!!!

roro said...

hav not read these jet, am i missing out?

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