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Dragon's Oath: A House of Night Novella by P.C & Kristin Cast

Posted by Donna
Published Date: July 12th, 2011
Finished Date: July 24th, 2011
Source: For Review from Publishers 
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
The Blurb from Goodreads: Before Zoey is Marked and arrives at the House of Night… before she rises in power to confront utter darkness, and the House of Night is divided… there’s Dragon’s Oath, the thrilling story behind the House of Night's formidable fencing instructor and warrior – the love that will transform him, and the mercy that will come back to haunt him…
The Review: I've always been a fan of the House of Night series so I was looking forward to reading more about another character. Admittedly when I found out this book was Dragon’s story, I was a bit hesitant but I actually really enjoyed his story. With this novella only being 160 pages, I flew through the book and found I enjoyed Dragon’s story a lot more because it didn’t drag. It was a nice short and simple read and just what I needed. 

Dragon for me has always been a likeable character and after losing Anastasia he did start to change, especially in Awakened….I felt like he kind of lost his way. I actually started to dis-like him in the last book with how he treated Rephaim and turning his back on Zoe so I felt this was a great time for the Cast’s to introduce Dragon’s past. 

Dragon’s story shows you he was marked and how he matures into the person you see in the House of Night books but most importantly, we find out how he met and fell in love with Anastasia. Although I felt they were quiet brief and short scenes, I do feel they showed the readers what they were meant to show…it’s all about love. The bond the couple share is strong and unbreakable, so to lose Anastasia the way he did, no wonder Dragon’s struggling with her death. I actually glad we got to see how they fell in love because now, I feel I can sympathize with Dragon more as a character and have a better understanding of what he’s going through. The end of the book does leave readers wondering what choice’s Dragon will choose in the next House of Night books and I for one am looking forward to seeing what happens. 

Overall, this book is a great addition to the House of Night Series and I highly recommend it to any fans of the series. 

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Siobhán said...

Can't wait to read this. Because its so short I should be able to squeeze it inbetween reviews lol.