Thursday, 28 July 2011

Breaking Dawn and The Hunger Games Pictures

Hey all! 

*Squeeeeeeeeeeee* Look what we great is that poster. It been released for Comic-Con and we so wish we there. Hopefully they will release some more information over the next few days so if they do, we of course will let you know. 

Also last night we posted a photo of the boys from The Hunger Games on the cover of Entertainment Weekly on our Facebook page so for all who didn't see it.........
here it is! 

What do you all think? Leave us your comments below.


She Known As Jess. said...

I keep looking at this picture, trying to convince myself that they will do but his face looks too angry for it to be peeta's or at least peeta's this early in the game.... I don't know... I hope he does Peeta justice..

iluvkimi220 said...

Shame I cant get this mag in the UK, but thankfully I have an amazing friend in America who is gonna buy and send me a copy =)

anaavu said...

The guys in the Hunger Games look too old, but can't wait nonetheless!