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A Review for Up in Flames by Nicole Williams

Up In FlamesPosted by Donna
Release Date: August 1st, 2013
Finished Date: July 4th, 2013
Publishers: Simon & Schuster UK
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Elle Montgomery is a good girl. Born and raised in a small town in Washington State, she's always done exactly what she's supposed to and what everyone expects of her. She helps out at the cafe her family owns, and has been dating the pastor's son, Logan, since she was allowed to go on her first date at sixteen. Having just graduated from high school, and knowing that Logan wants to put a ring on her finger and get married as soon possible, Elle feels like her life is already mapped out. Cole Carson's life couldn't be more different. An adrenaline junkie, he has worked as a smokejumper for the past three summers, roaming from town to town following the fires. Cole lives his life day to day and dreads the thought of putting down roots or being tied to one person. 

Following an awkward, embarrassing first meeting, Elle knows she should keep away from Cole and the feelings he ignites in her. And Cole just can't help but pursue Elle, the girl who seems immune to his charms. But as summer heats up, their attraction grows, and as tensions between them run high, Elle and Cole realise that one way or another, they're going up in flames...

The Review: “We live our lives afraid of change and if we were to just embrace it instead, it wouldn’t seem like such a big deal when it hits us.” 

After reading Nicole Williams' Crash series, I was eager to read something else written by her, and while I enjoyed Up in Flames, it wasn't as good as the Crash series. 

Elle's life is ruled by her father and her brother. She has given them the control of her life and it isn't until she meets adrenaline junkie Cole, that she suddenly starts questioning her everything about her life. As Cole opens Elle up to taking her own independence, Elle realises that sometimes stepping out on your own is harder than it looks. 

I'm stuck between a 3 and 3.5 star rating - I liked the story but I didn't connect to Elle as much as I would have liked. I could see how her life became what it did but, I couldn't understand her reasonings for it. I couldn't imagine letting anyone dictated to me like that, hence why I couldn't understand it but I did feel for her situation. It wasn't until Cole came into the picture that I really started to warm up to Elle. When she was with him, she was like a whole new person. She took risks and opened up. Their scenes together were always so intense and seriously steamy - mainly because of Cole. He's a guy that doesn't hold back and says what he wants, and that fact that he's smoking hot - literally makes the story all the more better. I have to give it to Nicole for being able to write some seriously hot boys! 

Overall, Up in Flames wasn't my favourite but it was still worth a read. If you haven't read any of Nicole's work before then I highly recommend you do. 

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Danny Bookworm said...

It's always hard when an author wrote such an amazing series like Crush and then you end up hoping for the same kind of awesome...

Still, Flames does sound great so I might give it a try after all:)

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