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A Review for Chameleon (Supernaturals #1) by Kelly Oram

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Release Date: June 25th, 2013
Finished Date: May 18th, 2013
Publishers: Bluefields
Source: For Review
Format: Kindle
Pages: 356
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For small-town rebel Dani Webber magic and monsters are no more real than the Easter Bunny… until the day she accidentally stops time. Dani quickly discovers that not only do supernaturals exist, but she herself is one of them. This is great news for her life-long best friend Russ, who can finally come clean about his own supernatural status and his undying love for her. Before the two can start to enjoy the long overdue relationship, Dani is taken by a powerful council of supernaturals who believe she is the Chosen One destined to save them from extinction. 

As if being kidnapped and expected to save the world isn’t bad enough, an ancient prophecy warns of the Chosen One’s dark nature: “Only the truest love will keep her an agent for good.” The council believes they know who this “true love” is and, unfortunately, that person isn’t Russ. The mysterious, powerful and devastatingly handsome Seer is the last person Dani wants in her life, but when she starts having visions of a horrific future, she has no one else to turn to for help. 

Soon Dani finds herself torn between two very different boys with two very different opinions of whom she can trust. With the visions getting worse and time running out, Dani is forced to put aside her feelings and work with both the Seer and Russ before an ancient evil is unleashed upon the earth.

The Review: WOW, this book is totally amazing and had me hooked from start to finish.

I don’t feel I can add anymore to the synopsis and honestly, the synopsis is reason enough for you to pick up this book. In the beginning of the book Dani is just turning 16 and her best friend Russ is helping fulfil one of her childhood wishes & let her in on a little secret….. apparently, this isn’t an isolated incident and they are constantly pulling pranks & getting into mischief much to the chagrin of the local sheriff. They have a great friendship but you get the feeling that they could be ‘more’, so when Dani agrees to a date with another boy, we find that Russ can’t hide his feelings anymore – the thing is, the timing is so bad because Dani is about to make some other discoveries about herself and she isn’t the only one. There is a prophecy in the supernatural world and Dani is the centre of attention, people want her but she’s not going without a fight. Dani is the kind of character that you can connect with easily, she’s vivacious, she’s funny & she’s mischievous. Her & Russ –her best friend- are like two peas in a pod, always egging each other on. Their relationship was great and within the first 20% of the book, I was hooked on them discovering their feelings for each other, I mean I really felt it. It was so funny when she went on the date and you could tell what Russ was going through & what was happening but Dani was clueless. They made a great pair until the inevitable separation which brought Gabriel into her life. I liked Gabe, he is super sweet and naïve but I don’t know that he was going to be enough for Dani, I wasn’t feeling their relationship as much as the one with her BFF and definitely not the circumstances, I was firmly on team Russ & I thought Dani lost a bit of cred with me for how she accepted certain things and the indecision she went through, I wanted her to kick off more but she is still a great character.

The storyline was brilliant, as I said I was hooked from start to finish and is quite unique in a way, full of secrets, lies & deception. The premise was so good, it came across as two different worlds & rules. Dani had been brought up in our world and then thrust headfirst into the supernatural world without any knowledge of it. Things are so different for her that she struggles to come to terms with the way things are done. I liked all of the supernatural aspects, the different kinds, different powers etc. so I loved Dani’s power because it’s limitless but also a double edged sword – both a hindrance & a help – as you will find out. Of course there’s a big prophecy and yes, I’m a prophecy fan, I liked the way this unfolded and how it was shown throughout the book usually we get one big one at the beginning and then see it play out but this was a fluid prophecy, it kept moving and gave different outcomes which was great for keeping the story unpredictable. The pacing was great, always moving, lots of things going on, lots of theories…. I never knew who to trust, I thought it was one person then another and it kept me on my toes right until the very end which is another reason it never lost my interest. I did like the romance in it, to be honest I wish the characters were slightly older making the book more NA than YA because there were times when it had some steamy potential and that would have drawn me into the relationships even more but that’s just personal preference and didn’t stop my enjoyment of it. Chameleon is a must read for sure, a brilliant start to a series I will definitely be adding to my TBR list & reading any sequel that follows. 

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