Sunday, 28 April 2013

Showcase Sunday (#35)

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Hi everyone, hope you're well!! As you can see, we have a huge post for you today. It's two weeks worth of books, so there's quiet a lot!

eBooks for review / bought:
Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend (Confessions, #2) Tremble (Denazen, #3) Unbelievable (Port Fare, #2) Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, # 1)
For Review: 
Casting Shadows by Sophie McKenzie  - I'm quoted on the back! 

Loaned / Gifted by Natalie & Jasprit:
As always Nat, thank you so much!! 

The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen
Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick
And thank you so much Jas!! <3

Signed Abbi Glines books from Kat @ Simon & Schuster & Jess! 

So that's it for me this week, a huge thank you to Atom, Simon & Schuster, Jess, Kat, Jasprit,, Natalie, Puffin, HarperCollins, Sherry Gammon, NetGalley, Entangled, Harlequin Teen. 

Ebooks for review/Bought:
Trick Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1) Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) Drowning in YouUnbelievable (Port Fare, #2) Resisting Her Unravel Me (Unravel Me, #1) Make Me Yours (Unravel Me, #2) Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1)

As some of you know I went to meet Abbi Glines a couple of weeks back. She's absolutely amazing. AND I managed to get some books signed :)-Also I won a giveaway over at Totally Bookalicious which is run by Siobhan, so I got Unraveling as the book of my choice :)

That's it from me :) Have a great weekend!


Mel S said...

What a great couple of weeks for both of you! I don't have any of those books but I would love to see what the Rachel Ward book is like! Happy Reading!

Carly @ Fiction Fascination said...

Eeep for Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend!! Yay for being quoted!! I really like the sound of The Dead Girls Detective Agency too! - Enjoy all of these pretties ladies!! :) x

Megan @ ReadingInTheSunshine said...

Wow your haul is amazing!

I LOVED The Secret Of Ella and Micha so really hope you enjoy that!

And the signed books are so cool :D

Happy Sunday,

Megan xxx

My Showcase sunday if you'd like a look :)

Veronica @ Mostly Reviews said...

Wow, these are truly a lot of books :) I haven't read any of them yet but own quite a few. I hope you enjoy them all.
My Showcase Sunday

Samantha Stewart said...

OMG! You got all of the Diary of a Crush books! I remember reading them years ago! But they look much better now, the covers are certainly nicer. I got The Secret of Ella and Micha this week too! Ooh, The Dead Girls Detective Agency sounds awesome! Great haul! I hope you enjoy all of your books! :D

Jaz said...

So jealous you have If I Should Die! I'm so excited for that. I've been meaning to read Confessions, I liked the first one and am trying to find time to read all my egalleys lol. I was really disappointed in The Elite :( and oooh Where You Are! I've got to read Between the Lines - it's sitting on my shelf haha. And I also just bought The Vincent Brothers :D

Unraveling is AMAZING Jess! I hope you enjoy it. I love the UK cover for Unbreakable, so stoked for its release :D Gah I really want to read Twisted Perfection, Woods was an absolute favourite of mine. I'm waiting for it to go on sale haha.

You're both so lucky to have autographed copies of Abbi Glines' books!

Happy reading girls!

laurainbookland said...

Wow great hauls! I can't wait to read Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend. I loved the first one. I really need to read The Selection and I really liked Die For Me so I hope to get the second one so I can read If I Should die!

Here's my Showcase Sunday!

♥Rachel♥ said...

You ladies got quite some haul!! I LOVED Feral Sins and Wicked Cravings! I'm so excited you both got Feral Sins! They are BEYOND HOT!! I read Unlovable some time ago and the publish date for the 2nd one kept getting pushed off, so it's nice to see it's finally out! Now I'll have to refresh my memory with the 1st one. Enjoy your reads ladies! I'll be checking back to see what you think of Feral Sins! :)

Jasprit said...

Woah an awesome haul ladies! I can't wait to get started on my copy of Confession of An Almost Girlfriend Donna, I know you finished it already, so can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. Twisted Perfection also sounds like a brilliant read too! I hope you enjoy all your reads ladies! :)

Anonymous said...

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Jess JessaBella Giorgio said...

Hi Rachel!

I finished Feral Sins last night, and it was hot. I did think it was a few pages too long but overall really enjoyed it and it was beyond hot. Needed a few cold shouwers! LOL!

I'll get started on Wicked Cravings at some point, I think I just need to calm myself down and read some YA now lol.

~Jess (Book Passion)

Jess JessaBella Giorgio said...


I hope you enjoy Twisted Perfection when you get to read it :) it's wonderful.

~Jess (Book Passion)

Becca Bee said...

I just finished Unraveling and I really enjoyed it. I'm just about to start Amy Plum's books; I hope I like them. Happy reading!

Paige Bradish said...

I can't wait to read Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend! I loved the first book.

Paige Bradish said...

Oops forgot something!


♥Rachel♥ said...

I know what you mean! I think my panties might have incinerated while I was reading it, Jess! Lol! Glad to hear you enjoyed it though. I thought it was heaps of fun. :)