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A Review for Voodoo on the Bayou (Cajun Magic #1) by Elle James

Voodoo on the Bayou (Cajun Magic, #1)
Posted by Jess
Release Date: February 18th, 2013
Finished Date: March 18th, 2013
Publishers: Entangled
Source: For Review 
Format: Kindle 
Pages:  217
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“By day a frog, by night a man, ‘til de next full moon...”

At first, lawyer and ladies’ man Craig Thibodeaux thought Madame LeBieu’s chant was a strange bayou joke. But the voodoo worked and Craig is spending his days as...well, a small green frog. Now he has only two weeks to find love, or his new froggy transformation becomes permanent.

When she receives the anonymous toxic water sample from Bayou Miste, research scientist Elaine Smith decides a trip to the bayou is the perfect excuse to escape the lab, and forget about her cheating ex-fiance. Then she accidentally stumbles upon Craig’s oh-so-fine naked form, and her science-nerd brain is overrun with naughty thoughts about her new gorgeous night-time bayou guide.

But there’s more to Bayou Miste than voodoo curses and sexy late-night trysts. Dark secrets threaten the delicate ecosystem, and there are those who would do anything to keep those secrets hidden. Even murder…

The Review: I received this for review from Engtanlged publishing  and I was pretty intrigued from the moment I read the synopsis of the book. Although I don't always connect well with books like these, I actually really enjoyed this one.

The story is set in the Bayou of New Orleans, Louisiana. As I love anything to do with the deep south of the USA this was an excellent notch on the book belt. Not only did you get a good feel for the environment, but the language (or conversations) spoken by all the characters living there gave you a real sense of how things are done in the Bayou.

Voodoo on the Bayou is a good little read, that actually kept me interested the whole way through. Although I didn't quite understand Elaine to begin with, I really enjoyed hers and Craigs relationship as it progressed from instant attraction and sexual tension to love. 

This book is full of magic, and it's also a lovely take on the old fairy tale the Princess and the Frog (or the Frog Prince...depending on which story you were told), not only is it a take on that fairy tale but it also has elements of Shrek as well :) 

I pretty much liked everything about the story. As it developed things were revealed very well and elements of the book were handled perfectly. Lots of character development which is always a good thing. 

Overall, you'll either like this book or you won't. I liked it, I thought the story was a great re-telling, I loved that it's in the deep south, I liked that both love interests were complete opposites, I loved the development, and all the other secondary characters. In all honesty I don't have any major complaints about this book. So for that I'm upping the star to one more :)

If you fancy a quick read, one that'll keep you interested and rooting for the lovers then pick up Elle James' book. It's a sweet story, filled love and  sexual tension that'll just leave you wanting more. 

I look forward to reading book 2 in the series, on some new characters within the Bayou. 

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