Sunday, 9 December 2012

Showcase Sunday (#25)

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Hey guys, I missed you all last week. To be honest, I didn't really have that much to show so it was easier just waiting until this week for a bigger showcase. Still no Kindle but I did get a few kindle books. I'm preparing myself for when I actually get it and you can bet I'll start knocking out all my Kindle review books =) 

The Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test, #3) From Ashes Hooked Opal (Lux, #3)
The Goodess Inheritance: I've read it - review to come soon but I was a little disappointed. Not what I was expecting for a final book but still worth a read to see how the series ends.

From Ashes:  I really didn't like the authors first book because of something pretty major that happened and I swore I wouldn't read another one of her books without some feedback from other's first. However, I admit, I'm intrigued! So I'll see how it goes. 

Hooked: This looks like so much fun. I adore YA contemporary so I'm hoping this one is good. 

Opal: Got this too and as soon as I get my Kindle in under two weeks, it's the first book I'll be reading! I can't wait. 
Aftermath (Nightshade, #3.5) Rockoholic Saving Zoë Avoiding Responsibility (Avoiding, #2)
Aftermath (Nightshade #3.5): Finally it was released in the UK the other week and if your a fan of this series, IT'S A MUST READ! The ending! What does it mean? I sure hope Andrea tells us soon because I think you Ren fans might be happy!

Avoiding Responsibility: Can't wait to read this. I need to know if Lexi and Jack get together!
Saving Zoe & Rockoholic- Two new audio books I picked up. Hopefully I'll start on of them over Christmas break.
A Match Made in High School: Gifted from my secret Santa - thank you! I was so lucky to get an awesome secret santa who has sent me two books now. =) 

Beautiful Disaster: Awwww, my favourite book which is hardback and signed and it's was bought for me as a Christmas from one of my favourite people - Melanie, the guest reviewer! I <3 you girl! 

The Lost Girl: For review. Sounds very interesting. 

And I somehow the other week when I showed you I got Burning Bright for review from Simon & Schuster UK, I completely missed the face that I'm quoted on the back of the book.  Squeeeee!!! 
Thank you to Random House, Melanie and my Secret Santa. And also to NetGalley.


Mel S said...

Nice haul - always good when your friends treat you to books! You have reminded me that I need to catch up on my audiobooks listening though...

Mist_BookaholicsBookClub said...

I like the covers for Hooked and From ashes, let me know how they are :)

Mel @thedailyprophecy said...

Oh, I also have a copy from THe lost girl (other cover), but I still haven't got the time to read it. It sounds very good :) Happy reading!


My keeper shelf said...

Oooh the hardback copy of Beautiful Disaster looks lovely Donna, hope you get a new kindle from Santa and congrats on another quote how exciting!

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

I finished reading Opal last night and thought it was great! I hope you enjoy it. Hooked is up for me soon too and I agree that it looks like a fun read. :)

Jasprit said...

Oh I hope you get your kindle soon Donna! You have so many awesome kindle books to get through! I too received a copy of The Lost Girl and got Rockoholic on audiobook I can't wait to get started on them! Hope you enjoy all your books hun! :)

Katie said...

Great Haul! Love the cover of From Ashes(:

Brodie said...

Not promising to hear that you were a bit disappointed with TGI =\ I wasn't a huge fan of the sequel, so I was hoping the third book would win me back over. Looking forward to your review! Agh, OPAL!!! I still need to read Onyx! I think I'm overdue for a healthy dose of sexy jerk Daemon ;) Ooooh Aftermath is a must read? I enjoyed the Nightshade series but haven't felt overly compelled to check out the novella. But since you mention Ren..... ;D

AND YOU GOT THE LOST GIRL. I AM DYING TO READ THAT. So excited for your review! Also: huge congrats on being blurbed in Burning Bright!

shivani shah said...

Nice Haul. ! Enjoy the awesome Books! I read 'A match made in High School' and 'Beautiful Disaster' and loved them! I hope you enjoy the audiobooks !!

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