Friday 7 December 2012

A Review for Rock the Heart by Michelle A. Valentine

Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1)
Posted by Donna
Release Date: November 20th, 2012
Finished Date:  November 20th, 2012
Publishers: Self-Published
Source: For Review 
Format: Kindle 
Pages: Unknown
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For the last four years, good girl Lane has regretted breaking up with Noel Falcon. She thought she was sensible when she told him his dreams of being a rock star would get him nowhere, but now that he's a rock god and her career is stagnant, she realizes just how wrong she was. When Noel hires the marketing company where Lane is an intern, she’s forced to see him again. If she wants to land her dream job as executive within the company, she has to win him over and secure his account. Too bad Noel is still pissed at her for breaking his heart.

When Lane’s company flies her to a Black Falcon concert to gain Noel’s attention, emotions run high the moment she sees him and realizes she’s far from over him. But Noel’s countless trysts with groupies and his cocky attitude make Lane believe he isn’t the same guy she once loved—now he seems to only want her body. Then after Lane discloses she needs him to procure a job, Noel proves he’s a changed man by forcing her to go on the road with him in order to get it.

After Lane reluctantly takes Noel up on his offer, she becomes willing to do whatever it takes to keep him satisfied, even if it means succumbing to his seductive ways. Lane soon finds deception is a dangerous game and she’s not the only one playing.

The Review: “If I don’t have you soon, I’m going to implode. Can’t you see that? I want you to be with me. I can’t stand all these guys coming on to you. The fact that I’m not allowed to do a God damn thing about it because you’re not mine is killing me.”

I’ve read a few rock star books lately but Rock the Heart is one of the ones that has really stuck with me a few weeks later. It’s one I keep thinking about and I honestly don’t get that too often. The reason I kept thinking about it was because author Michelle A. Valentine really does create some stand out characters. 

Laney is driven by her  prospective career. She wants to work in a professional marketing company and she will do anything to try and reach her goal – even if that means breaking up with her wanna be rock star boyfriend, Noel, who she believes has no future in the music business. 

Now fast forward 4 years, and we see Laney and Noel both living separate lives. Laney is interning at a big marketing company and Noel is a rock star. Laney does regret breaking up with him but everything is all in the past, isn’t it? Well…..maybe not, when Laney’s company gets signed on to do the marketing for Noel’s band, and unfortunately for Laney, Noel hasn’t forgotten how she broke his heart all them years ago. 

I really did enjoy this story and the characters. Both Laney and Noel were completely unforgettable and I loved seeing their journey. At times I did find them highly frustrating – Laney with her trust issues and Noel with his secrets. I just wanted these two to get together and shut up but, no matter how hard they tried, something seemed to get in the way. Their relationship isn’t perfect and they have problems but is love enough for these two? HELL YEAH! I’m actually pretty surprised that Noel wanted to give Laney a second chance seems as she didn’t support his dreams enough to stick with him from the start. I guess it shows how much a good guy Noel is and he was definitely my favourite character. He was open about his feelings for Laney – even though she broke his heart but he constantly pushed and pushed until he got what he wanted. I adore men that have that alpha male personality and Noel definitely fits the bill. 

I sometimes find that rock star stories can become quite predictable but this is not the case with this book. Michelle A. Valentine keeps us readers on our toes with a good few twists into the story, that I honestly didn’t see coming. I was constantly questioning “How the hell is this going to end?” but Michelle does the story well. Now the big question is – who is the next book based on? I’m kind of hoping Riff! I’d love to see that and hopefully get into his head a little more. Roll on 2013! 

Thank you to Michelle A. Valentine for giving me the opportunity to review this book. 

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♥Rachel♥ said...

This sounds like a addicting read. Noel sounds great but I'm always worried about a rock star for a mate because of the temptation they always have from women throwing themselves at them. Lovely review Donna. :)

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