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A Review for Until I Die (Revenants #2) by Amy Plum

Until I Die (Revenants, #2)Posted by Donna
Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Finished Date: May 2nd, 2012
Publishers: HarperCollins
Source: eGalley For Review
Format: Paperback 
Pages: 352
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I wish there was only today, just right now, and no forever.

It seems fitting that I fell in love in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world. And if I pretend, I can almost believe that my life is normal and everyone I care about is safe.

But as long as I’m with Vincent, “normal” doesn’t exist. Gorgeous, charming, and witty, he’s everything you could ask for in a boyfriend—but his destiny is so much more.

Even more terrifying than his destiny are his dangerous enemies, enemies who will kill for immortality. How are Vincent and I supposed to be together forever if we’re always in danger?

I know I’ll do whatever it takes—even if it means lying to the people I love—to fight against a fate that is trying to tear us apart.

The Review: Last year Amy Plum convinced me that Ghost stories are just as amazing as any other mythical creature stories and now after reading Until I Die, I’m still convinced because it really was just as good as its predecessor and once again, Amy Plum takes us on a magical and romantic journey in Paris – one that is filled with swoon-worthy boys, full of laughs and danger lurking around every corner. 

This time around Kate and Vincent are in more danger than ever but both of them are determined to try and find a solution to their relationship problem – how can a human and a revenant really be together when the human is aging every day? Both of them take different paths but each one is just as dangerous as the other, especially with the return of the Numa and new arrival’s that are hiding deadly secrets. 

Until I Die really was an addictive read. I love being apart of Kate’s journey as she describes the perks of living in Paris. It really seems like a beautiful city – one that I hope to see more of one day. Amy’s excellent writing really give you the French experience even if it’s something as simple as going for a coffee or something as complex as a visiting a museum. Everything is so vibrant and colourful and it really makes me wish I was really there. 

With the arrival of new characters; Violette and Arthur, we do lose some of our favourite characters like Charles and Charlotte. Although they do have small roles in Until I Die, it simply wasn’t enough for me. Charles has his problems but I really liked him in Die for Me, so I’m hoping he makes a quick return. Despite Charlotte and Charles absence, I still think Amy Plum did a fantastic job creating the same setting with each character. Jules and Ambrose of course, are themselves. They both have their share of laughs in this book and as always, I love them but I really wish they could settle down and find girls of their own. Then of course, we have Kate and Vincent who really do go the ends of the earths for each other in this book. Their relationship is so beautiful and really loving that it really gives you hopes that a love like theirs really exists. But what I enjoyed the most about this story was the back story to the revenants. In Die for Me the story touches on the revenants lifestyle but in Until I Die, we really find out the nitty-gritty stuff and it really made me want more. 

Now that cliff-hanger…..Amy how could you? Talk about a shock! Poor Vincent and poor Kate. But I do have hopes that everything will work out fine but 2013 for the next book? TO FAR AWAY! I need it sooner! 

Overall, Until I Die is an unpredictable, fast paced and intense read. If you loved Die for Me then I’m sure you will enjoy this. 

A huge thank you to HarperTeen and Edelweiss for giving me the opportunity to review this book.


Erin W. said...

I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first, but that cliffhanger was cruel. Looking forward to seeing what will happen in book 3! Anyway great review!

Elodie RASO said...

OMG I'm so glad you loved this one Donna .. I read Die For Me last year and loved it ! I recently read some negative reviews on Until I Die and wasn't sure if I should pick up a copy or not !! I definitely want to now ..
A huge cliff-hanger ?  I love those but when the next book releases a year after, the wait is horrible !!!

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

There's a cliffhanger?! I didn't know that! Me and cliffhangers don't always get along. ;) Anyway great review Donna! I'm glad you enjoyed this. :)

Vivienne_dacosta said...

I know! The ending! OMG! I may fall out with Amy over this. LOL

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