Friday 11 May 2012

A Review for Earthseed by Pamela Sergent

EarthseedPosted by Donna
Release Date: February 12th, 2012
Finished Date: May 4th, 2012
Publishers: Tor Teen
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback 
Pages: 271
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The classic YA science fiction adventure by Nebula and Locus Award–winning author Pamela Sargent The ship hurtles through space. Deep within its core, it carries the seed of humankind. Launched by the people of a dying Earth over a century ago, its mission is to find a habitable world for the children—fifteen-year-old Zoheret and her shipmates—whom it has created from its genetic banks. 
To Zoheret and her shipmates, Ship has been mother, father, and loving teacher, preparing them for their biggest challenge: to survive on their own, on an uninhabited planet, without Ship’s protection. Now that day is almost upon them...but are they ready to leave Ship? Ship devises a test. And suddenly, instincts that have been latent for over a hundred years take over. Zoheret watches as friends become strangers—and enemies. Can Zoheret and her companions overcome the biggest obstacle to the survival of the human race—themselves?

The Review: I’ll admit, I had never heard of this book before I was asked to review it and after looking into it, I found out that it had already been released way back in 1983. I know what you’re thinking 1983? For me I was shocked because I wasn’t even born until 1985 and this is probably one of the oldest books I’ve ever read, so I admit I was intrigued to find out why this book was being re-released, when it was released the first time around such a long time ago. And when I found out why, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the movie rights for the book have been sold…so Earthspeed could be coming to a cinema near you very soon! 
Earthseed takes you on an intense and thrilling ride as we join Zoheret and her shipmates; who live on a spaceship called “Ship” that was created by the dying people of Earth. The ship was created in order protect the child and find a habitable planet for them to live and continue their lives on – safely. As Zoheret and friends prepare to survive on their own, the pressure becomes unbearable and Zoheret can not help think can they really survive? And mostly, can her friends stop themselves from turning on one another? 
I did like this book, more than I would have thought to start with. I’ll admit, I did struggle with the first 50 pages or so, but once I got used to the authors style of writing and got used to the space reference’s, I found I started to really enjoy it. I don’t know why but I always struggle with sci-fi books more than anything else but I thought the author did a great job bringing creating something new and interesting. 
My reason for my 3 star rating was even though Zoheret was my favourite character, I felt that were wasn’t much character development with her or the other characters. It was hard to connect to them and I honestly love characters that I’m really able to root for all of them. But with this I couldn’t, so I didn’t really mind who took Zoheret’s heart or who survived. 
Overall, Earthseed is an ideal read for science fiction fans that are looking for something different from your typical YA novel. It wasn’t a favourite of mine but I’d still love to watch it on the big screen.


Giselleco said...

Wow 1983! And I was born in 1984!! :D I have seen the cover before but I never actually checked what it was all about. It sounds pretty good once you get into it. Sci-fi is a genre I'm really getting into as I find it's original and can make very awesome stories!

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Despite the lack of character development, this sounds like a really interesting read! I love this genre so I will definitely have to check this out. Awesome review! :)

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