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A Review for Lily (The Quest For Reason #1) by LM DeWalt

Posted by Guest Reviewer Melanie
Published Date: February 1st, 2012
Finished Date: February 27th, 2012
Publishers: Central Avenue Publishing
Source: For Review 
Format: Kindle
Pages: 302
The Blurb from Goodreads: Lily is a tragic and lonely vampire, unwittingly brought into her existence by Ian, a selfish but beautiful maker who has captured her heart for decades, even though he left her with no compass on how to navigate her strange new world. When she meets a coven of vampires that takes her in and treats her like family, all she thought she knew is brought into question. Things are further complicated when she finally finds love – Christian, a human man. Just when she's finally found happiness, Ian reappears, threatening to destroy everything Lily holds dear. When he once again removes all her choices, Lily is thrown into a world where Ian's ongoing sins are unstoppable and her family and new found love seem lost forever.

The Review: This was a really nice read; it tells the tale of a lonely vampire Lily who is detached from the world around her, leading a very solitary life. She has been alone since her maker – Ian – left her many years before, leaving her heartbroken and having to learn how to exist as vampire on her own. Even after all the years that have gone by she is still bitter about the abandonment and has never let herself get close to anyone again for fear of being hurt and rejected again. That is until she makes a hasty exit from her current home and finds herself on the doorstep of a coven of vampires who are more than willing to accept her into their family and stranger still, her acceptance of that. Then she meets a man by chance and even though he’s human and everything about the coupling would be wrong, she is drawn to him and begins to feel something she didn’t know existed anymore within herself but that happiness is short lived when her maker turns up and threatens everyone she cares about, causing Lily to make some drastic decisions in the effort to keep everyone safe.

As I mentioned, this was a really nice read and so easy to get into. At first I wasn’t really impressed with Lily’s character; she came across as cold and unfeeling because she had detached herself from society and spent a lot of time alone. Thankfully she came to the realisation that she did indeed need some interaction with people, even if they were humans and that’s what set her off on her journey but she was unprepared for what she would find. She blossomed as an individual throughout the book, it was nice to share her personal discoveries with her and my fondness of her character grew as she became more aware of herself. Her relationship with Christian was sweet as well; they were inexplicably drawn to each other with Christian not believing his luck and Lily, struggling with her emotional awakening through him and afraid that with every touch or date that he would be running for the hills. The coven was a nice touch and gave her somewhere to call home and others to call family, helping to bring out a different side to her. I’m curious about most of the coven members and although we get snippets of whom they are and what they can do, I hope in time we get some of their back stories in following books. I also liked how all of the vamps have powers but that they vary for the individual - that could make for some interesting discoveries further down the line also. Although the book wasn’t really fast paced it held all of my interest and I found it hard to put down, there is something about it that makes you want to keep reading.  You feel the threat to Lily throughout the book as she tries to work out what is going on & who to trust whilst coming to terms with her changing self emotionally and finding out just what she is capable of in the name of love. Whilst the book isn’t really unique and you will probably have read similar plots, it is really enjoyable and a nice straight forward, easy read which has you routing for their happy ending and wanting to know what’s next for Lily and I will definitely look out for book 2.


Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

This sounds great - I love the description and it sounds like you enjoyed most of it. :) Awesome review, Melanie.

The Shadow Realm said...

Didn't hear about this book until now. It sounds really good. Great review :)

aurora M. said...

Have not heard of this one now it's a GOTTA HAVE! Thanks for the post.

becca said...

Sounds really good! Might have to get myself a copy so I can have a read for myself! :)

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

great review Mel!!! I totally want to read this now!! (: Adding to tbr!

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