Monday, 2 May 2011

A review for Wild (Laurel #3) By Aprilynne Pike

Posted by Donna
Published Date: April 28th, 2011
Finished Date: May 2nd, 2011
The Blurb: On the first day of Laurel’s senior year there are two new arrivals. Tamani — the electrifying faerie with whom she shares an undeniable connection — appears, posing as a foreign exchange student. And even more disturbing is another foreign exchange student named Yuki whom Laurel quickly realises is a faerie, though the new girl doesn’t seem to have any idea who or what she really is. 

Laurel is determined to figure out how Yuki fits into the picture, and what connection she may have to the ever-increasing threats to her family and Avalon. Meanwhile, Laurel struggles to maintain a balance between her human boyfriend David and Tamani, with whom she shares a passionate past. But balancing two worlds is becoming more and more complicated. When the threat to Avalon grows ever stronger, Laurel’s illusion of control of the situation shatters and she must confront a danger even greater than the trolls.

The Review: I started this series over a year ago and when I finished Wings I felt I was in no rush to read the second one book. So to be honest, I waited. After reading Spells, I loved it, so as you can guess I rushed out and brought Wild as soon as it was released. BUT, after just finishing Wild, I'm back to were I started. And again, I'm now in no rush to buy the fourth book.

Wild starts with Laurel starting back at school for her senior year. On her first day, Tamani shows up announcing he is enrolled in her school so he can protect her from the trolls. Laurel, more than a little shocked becomes quiet confused, seems as she hasn't seen or spoken to Tamani since she told him she was picking David.

With Tamani's present in school, things become quiet tense between Laurel and David which leads to her breaking up with him so she can try to figure out who she wants to be with. While all this is going on, more trolls have been spotted in the area and a new girl Yuki arrives, who Klea asks Laurel to take under her wings is more than a little suspicious.

I had so much trouble getting into this book. Usually reading a book it takes me 2 days but this took me 5 days. That's a long time for me considering this book isn't really that long. To say the least I'm more than a little disappointed with Wild. Nothing happens. I kept expecting something to happen but there's only one little part which was over quiet quickly and the only improvement I felt was Laurel breaking up with David. But for you Tamani fan's I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet.

I found myself getting more than a little annoyed with Laurel through out the whole of this story. The poor girl is so confused trying to choose between Tamani and David but she's also so naive as well. She's so settled on staying with David, she's willing to over look the feelings she feels for Tamani and brush them off. I say this, Laurel PLEASE open your eyes!

Overall, I rated the book 2 stars because I felt there was no development to the story. Yes, there's a new girl in town but it takes the whole book to figure out what she is and then the book finishes. I will continue to read the rest of the series as I would like to see what happens but I only hope that the next book finally see's some action.


Elodie said...

I can't wait to read this book !! I miss Tamani <3

Book Passion for Life said...

Hey Elodie,
I really hope you enjoy it! I love Tamani. Can't wait to see more of him. Donna x

Gaby said...

Excellent review! I haven't read this series before, but I'm definitely checking it out now. Thank you for sharing! :)