Thursday, 5 May 2011

A review for Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Posted by Donna
Published Date: April 26th, 2011
Finished Date: May 5th, 2011
The Blurb: Sequel to Perfect Chemistry with new characters to fall in love with but the same hot romance.

The Review: Wow! Another great novel by Simone Elkeles. I'll admit, I didn't think Rules of Attraction could be anywhere near as good as Perfect Chemistry but I'm so glad to be proven wrong. 

Rules of Attraction follows Carlos and Kiara. Both completely different from one another. Carlos another bad boy from the Fuentes family and Kiara, a shy girl trying to shut the world out. When they met, they both instantly dislike each other but its pretty clear they are attracted to one another, so soon, sparks and emotions start flying all over the place. 

I loved it! I'm still completely in shock that this book was just as good as the first one. When I thought know one could replace Alex, Carlos came and blew me away and now I'm left trying to decided between both brothers. ;) Carlos is very similar to Alex in a lot of ways but he is also very different. You would think it would be the same story told again but Simone makes this story belong to Carlos and Kiara with Alex & Brittany on the side lines for support. Which I liked even more than I ever thought I would of. But, I still can't help thinking CARLOS or ALEX? CARLOS or ALEX? ;) I really can't decide! 

I really enjoyed reading how the relationship between Carlos and Kiara develops. The banter that goes back and fourth, the jokes they play on each other but what I loved most was how they both could be themselves around each other. Kiara became open-minded person and spoke out for what she believed in and Carlos stopped hiding his feelings and emotions. These were two very well developed characters. 

It was also great to have some new secondary characters like Kiara's mother and father who were great role models but also Brandon, Kiara's little brother. He was a great addition to the book and I really enjoyed his GI Joe moments with Carlos.

Overall, I adored this book. These Fuentes brother absolutely blow me away that I'm now eager to meet Luis the final brother. I have high hopes for him and I will look forward to reading his story when its released.


Elodie said...

I loved this series and I can't wait to read Chain Reaction and to (re-)meet Luis !!
Thanks for the review ;)

Diana said...

Carlos might be better than Alex? No freaking way! I just finished Perfect Chemistry and I am already tempted to re-read it. I completely fell in love with Alex! If you say this one is just as good as the first, than I will most definitely have to pick it up next! *girl squee* can't wait to meet Carlos :)


Book Passion for Life said...

Thanks girlies! Elodie you were right about Carlos! He is hot! Lol

Diana, honestly when you read book two, you will know what I mean!
Donna x

test said...

This book is amazing! I love Carlos mooore! can't wait for Chain Reactions ;)

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