Monday 14 November 2011

US vs UK (#31)

Welcome to Book Passion for Life's 31th US vs UK book cover battle. We've seen this posted on a few other blogs, and thought we'd jump on the band wagon!

The idea of this battle is once a week we'll post 2 sets of books of our choice, one US cover and one UK cover, and we'll just give our opinion on which one we love the most. Which cover captures the story, which one would catch our eye if we saw it on the shelf in a shop. The US cover will be on the left, and the UK cover will be on the right.

The Scores so far are: 
US: 8  UK: 13  Draw: 8

US vs UK Round 31

The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff


Jess says: I'm never sure why the book names change in different countries. It just gets confusing. Anyway,  I prefer the U.S. It just gives off a little more of a creep factor than the UK. So I'm going with the U.S cover this time.

Donna says: Ummm.....I never quite understand why publishers feel the need to change the name of a book just because there being released in different countries. Weird! But I totally love the US cover. In my opinion it doesn't really compare to the AU/UK cover. The US one gives this creepy vibe and I love all the details. 

Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke


Jess says: This is a slightly hard one for me. They're both pretty, but I think I prefer the U.K cover, I love all the wispy-ness of it. And to be honest the model on the U.S cover reminds me a little of Kristen Stewart. Which is fine, but I think I prefer the U.K model.

Donna says:  US for me! I love it where as the UK one hasn't got the same appeal. I think the girl on the US cover is much prettier than the UK and I love all the fonts and sparkles at the top. I do like the larger dragon on the UK cover but that's about it.

Which do you prefer?

Okay guys, this weeks US vs UK goes to....U.S with 3 votes

Come back next week for more US vs UK! :) 


Tipsy Misty said...

Ha, I just saw smoulder on an IMM I thought she had a new book out fast, didn't realise they were the same one lol anyway I prefer the us cover, it's lots more interesting!
And us for flying blind to, I like the dragon on uk but not all the hair in the face lol

Wee Shubba said...

Space between: us
Flying blind: UK

Mierke said...

I prefer the US cover for The Space Between. The UK cover feels a bit too crowded.

For Flying Blind I prefer the UK cover. I think the touch of wind is a bit more powerful in that one, even though I actually prefer the US font.

Yiota said...

I always have problem to understand which one is the UK and which on the US :P

Space Between: i'm going with the 1st one. It's unique and beautiful!
Flying Blind: tie for me. nothing really different except the post and the models.

Klaudia said...

In second pair UK's better but for the first one... It's really hard to decide XD

Aravis said...

I like the U.S. cover for The Space Between.

I'm torn on Flying Blind. I prefer the dragon design on the U.K., but prefer the female model of the U.S. I like the wispy quality of the U.K. model, but she reminds me too much of Sarah Jessica Parker. Overall... I think the U.K.

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

US for both!!! :D Totally agree though, I hate how they change the name of the book sometimes for different countries, all it does is make me confused, and makes me add it to goodreads twice without noticing haha(:

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