Friday 18 November 2011

Dream Cast for Double Clutch featuring Liz Reinhardt...

Morning everyone!

So today we have a special guest post. As some of you may know I recently read and reviewed Double Clutch by Elizabeth Reinhardt (Read review here). I really enjoyed this book, and it was actually Liz that helped me come up with the actor for my Book Boyfriend that I did on Wednesday dedicating to one of her characters Jake. This got me curious as to who else she would cast for the roles of her book characters. So I asked her if she would like to do a guest post on who she would cast as her characters. So without further adue here she is!

Pretty much the instant I was done writing my YA contemporary romance, Double Clutch, I started to think about who I would cast in the movie version.

Because I totally plan on a movie version, natch! Now I just have to get  directors/producers/screenwriters/actors/all the other essential people who are needed to make a movie on board!

I've already chosen Amy Heckerling as my dream screen writer/director. Because she's brilliant, hilarious, soulful, and she made Jane Austen relevant in grunge era Beverly Hills and it was FANTASTIC!! I'm sure Amy will be very excited to know my plans!

Until then, I will share my visual inspirations for Brenna, Saxon, and Jake, tell you my pick for a theme song for each one, AND let you know the scene I'd most like to see them in on the big screen. Sigh! A girl can dream, right?

First up, Ms. Brenna Blixen. With blunt bangs, dreamy eyes (needed for gazing at deliciously hot guys), a sharp and tough intelligence, and no lack of backbone, Brenna would need to be played by an actress who embodies self-confidence.

The more I see of the lovely Ms. Browning, the more sure I am she  would be the perfect Brenna!

Emily Browning (Lemony Snicket, Sucker Punch) would make the perfect Brenna. Remember how smart and determined she was as Violet in Lemony Snicket? I loved when she put her hair in a braid and got down to the task of solving all the problems. I can see her holding her own with Saxon and Lynn in government or helping Jake with their latest project at Tech perfectly. How about how smart and confident she was in Sucker Punch? She made every harrowing fight sequence look like a piece of cake. And she'll need it if she's going to run interference during fist fights and navigate the sticky world of liking two guys who used to be friends and are now sworn enemies.

I dare you to listen to this song and not dance around like a crazy/happy maniac! I bet you can't do it!

As for Brenna's theme song (you know, the one they're playing in the background when we first see her?), I'd pick "Everybody Got Their Something" by Nikka Costa. Why? Because Nikka knows how to belt it out and make you feel like you could take over the entire world...and Brenna totally 'got her something' figured out. Nikka's song is her anthem!

Next up is misunderstood bad-boy Saxon Maclean. He's tall, dark, handsome, and has this radiating charisma that pretty much guarantees trouble. Brenna feels an instant attraction, and he's so obnoxiously smart and razor-witted, he definitely keeps sassy, smart Brenna on her toes! Saxon would need to be played by an actor who gets that his tough outer shell hides something vulnerable and ultimately good.

I know. Just take deep breaths...

Thomas McDonell (Prom) is definitely the man for the job. He gets that whole dark, handsome, full-of-himself, smoldering thing down perfectly. In Prom, he worked hard to look past the stereotypes of the perfect girl and connect with her on a deeper level. Sometimes he acted like a jerk, but it was always because he was feeling too much too quickly, and didn't know how to handle it. I'd love to see Thomas McDonell tackle the scenes where Saxon drives Brenna home, even though she claims to want nothing to do with him. Something about this guy and a hot car... I think he could play Saxon to perfection!

These four know how to capture longing, pain, vulnerability, sexiness...Saxon's core principals!

Saxon's theme song? Well he's tortured and bad, but wants to be good. He's trying to keep his cool, but Brenna's making him nuts...he doesn't know his own heart, can't trust his own head. Mumford and Son's "Awake My Soul" sums his feelings up perfectly.

And last, but certainly not least, is Mr. Jake Kelly. Jake seems so sweet, so likable, and easy-going with a gorgeous smile and a face that makes girls drool at first sight. But there are layers upon layers to this boy. He's learned to work hard and make a go of it without much support since he was a little kid. He's just getting by, putting as much distance between his past with all its screw-ups and mistakes when he meets the girl he knows will change his world...if he can win her heart.

I know! I feel faint when I see this pic, too. It's normal.

Freddie Stroma (Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) would make a fantastic Jake. He was woefully underused in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as Hermione's date; her sole purpose for going to the dance with him was to make Ron jealous. I can see him handling Jake's quiet confidence and sweet sex appeal, and would love to see him in the scene were Jake takes Brenna on their first real date to the movies and out for dinner. Freddie makes me think of Jake because he has that light, sweet, sexy good boy look that can melt your heart, but he seems like he could have a little edge, too!

Kings of Leon always amaze me with how thoughtful, raw, and sexy their songs are.

As far as Jake's theme song goes, I have to give credit to my friend Deanne, who read Double Clutch and wrote to tell me that "Pickup Truck" by Kings of Leon was Jake's song. As soon as I gave it a listen I could see why! It speaks to all the raw emotion and huge, hormone-driven feelings of first love and uncontrolled anger. Jake has a ton of feelings to work through, and this song nails what it's like to have to wrestle them all.

Thank you so much for joining me on my Double Clutch movie/song journey! I hope you enjoyed it, and please let me know if you happened to read the book and had a different actor/song in mind! I LOVE hearing how other people interpret this story! Thank you so very much to the awesome ladies at Book Passion for Life for letting me crash their lovely blog!!

No, thank you Liz for allowing me to read and review this. I completely agree with all your choice of actors for Brenna, Saxon and Jake. That's pretty much how I pictured them all. I have my fingers crossed that Double Clutch will reach the movie stage one day. Thomas McDonell would make an excellent Saxon, he's perfect. We all know I already agree with Freddie Stroma as Jake, and Emily Browning would make a perfect Brenna, especially with those bangs.

Well there you go bloggers. I hope this post has intrigued you enough to download a copy of Double Clutch. I wholeheartedly recommend it to you all. Fall in love with Saxon and Jake. Make your own minds up.  If this post is enough to intrigue you then you can buy Double Clutch at or at Amazon US. If you wish to follow Liz and all her news you can visit her on her blog

Thank you to Liz for being here and creating this wonderful post.

Happy reading guys :) 


Anonymous said...

I didn't think I could love Saxon or Jake more than I already did but... wow. I still think I'd go for Jake... I think. =/

Liz Reinhardt said...

Thank you so much, Jessica! And thank you Sizzling Reads ;)! (And, trust me, I hear your indecision loud and clear!)

Unknown said...

*sigh* I can't wait to read this book especially now with the visuals! I love me some Thomas McDonell :)

Book Passion for Life said...

Aha, I still choose Jake even though Thomas McDonell is like nomish...yes. Definitely Jake. Definitely :/

You're welcome Liz, I'm glad I could be of service.


Alexa O said...

Nikka Costa is so fab. I love your picks for casting AND theme song.

And I'm totally Team Jake. Except when I'm Team Saxon.

Liz Reinhardt said...

I love it, ladies! Thank you so much for obsessing with me!

Anonymous said...

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