Friday 4 November 2011

Cover Reveal for My Soul to Steal Animated Jacket by Rachel Vincent

We have some super exciting MIRA Ink news!  As if My Soul to Steal, the fourth book in the Soul Screamer’s series by Rachel Vincent wasn’t awesome enough, it now comes with an animated book jacket.  MIRA Ink are the first YA publishers to create an animated book jacket for one of their titles.. 

Donna's thoughts: Wow! I'm pretty speechless right now. Who would of thought there would be an animated bookcover and my god, is it pretty. I have to say I'm pretty proud to be a UK blogger because I'm glad we get this awesome jacket. 

Jess's thoughts: Omg! Actually amazing! I have the first two in the series that I still have to read, but this is absolutely stunning. I think it's probably my favourite of them all so far. To be honest, all the UK covers for this series have been stunning, and this is no different.

Also, another piece of news - MIRA Ink are offering UK readers a chance to win a copy of My Soul to Steal! There are ten copies available, and all you have to do is go on to the MIRA Ink Facebook site-!/miraink -click on the jacket image of My Soul to Steal and post a comment in the comment box below the picture. Then MIRA Ink will select the winners.

A huge thank you to MIRA Ink for giving us the opportunity to help reveal this awesome book cover. 

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Natalie @ Book Lovers Life said...

OMG!! Thats stunning :) I love the covers for this series.

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