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A Review for Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent (Unbound #1)

Posted by Jess
Published Date: September 1st, 2011
Finished Date: November 20th, 2011
Publishers: Mira Ink
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 448

The Blurb from Goodreads: By blood, by word, by magic...
Most can't touch the power. But Liv Warren is special— a paranormal tracker who follows the scent of blood. Liv makes her own rules, and the most important one is trust no one.
But when her friend's daughter goes missing, Liv has no choice but to find the girl. Thanks to a childhood oath, Liv can't rest until the child is home safe. But that means trusting Cam Caballero, the former lover forbidden to her.
Bound by oath and lost in desire for a man she cannot have, Liv is racing to save the child from a dark criminal underworld where secrets, lies, trauma and danger lurk around every corner…every touch…every kiss.
And more blood will be spilled before it's over…
The Review: "I have choices," I insisted, refusing to break eye contact. "We both do. I may have to make mine carefully, and make a few compromises along the way, but I have a choice. I choose you."

Well what can I say? Blood Bound was completely compelling and it had be from page 1. Blood Bound is something complete new and interesting to the world of books. This is the first book I've read by Rachel Vincent (I know I'm totally behind and doing it in the wrong order), and I'm completely in love with her style of writing. The gritty world that she created in Blood Bound was pretty intense. Liv is a 'Skilled' person with the ability to track anyone as long as she has a sample of their blood. So when a childhood friends daughter goes missing she's asked by her to help track the little girl. Now Liv is 'Bound' to help her friend thanks to a childhood oath that they all made, so Lic in unable to say no to the request without her brains blowing up. Unfortunately that means she has to work with her ex-boyfriend Cam Caballero. Ahhhhhhh CAM!! He's completely soon worthy in this book he'll have you falling at his gorgeous feet from page one when he first appears leaning on Liv's car looking gorgeous. With the help of Cam (who can track a person with just a full name) Liv, Cam and their friend Anne go on a roundabout adventure that uncovers many hidden truths and so many twists that it will leave your head spinning.

Blood Bound is split between Liv POV and Cam's; which was good. I don't always like multiple narratives but when it's just two of them its fine and it was good to get Cam's side on all the situations and it was amazing to read about how he still loves Liv even after she just took off and left without and explanation. It took me a while to warm to Liv, I actually preferred her friend Anne to begin with, but as I read on I began to love Liv, and she became easily likeable. She's extremely strong and completely kick-ass!  Her relationship with Cam sizzled on the page. Both of them have such chemistry that you root for them all the way through and that first (rekindle) kiss will melt you inside because the way Cam kisses her its enough to make you forget about all the other kisses in the books. Their love isn't the centre of the story, but it does add a nice pace to it and gives you some laughs when it's needed through some of the bad times.

I loved everything about this book. It's completely breath taking and it will have you on the edge of your seat with all the twists that are thrown at us as readers and Liv and Cam as characters. The one gripe I have with this book is that everything that happened happened in the space of 48 hours. And I mean A LOT happened that it just felt like it should have been a week instead of 2 days? But either way it all happened and the constant action in the book kept the book at a good pace that you forget that this is all happening within 2 days of Liv and Cam reuniting after 6 years.

The ending is needless to say a bloody cliffhanger...and it's one of those that makes you scream in side because you have to wait an entire year for book two! I won't spoil it but it's a "Will she? Or Won't she?" question that will be hanging there until Shadow Bound releases next year.

Anyway, for those of you that have already read other books by Rachel Vincent (I swear I will...I promise), I would definitely recommend this to you all. This should be for the older YA 17+ should do it as there is some sexual content half way through the book plus some innuendos. So 17+ should just about do it for age rage.


Tipsy Misty said...

Glad you loved it, I can't wait for shadow bound!

Unknown said...

I loved this, cant wait for the next one :)
Rachel Vincent is one of my fave authors too

MoonStar said...

I so wanna read this book :)
Love Rachel Vincents writting :D

test said...

I hear nothing but good review for the series. I'm glad that you liked it. I guess I also have to read this one soon.

Jay @ We Fancy Books

Giselle said...

I'm so behind on Rachel Vincent too I haven't read ANY of her books yet. This one has caught my eye though it definitely sounds different and really interesting. Plus everyone seems to really love it! Wonderful review!!

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