Monday, 11 July 2011

US vs UK (#14)

Welcome to Book Passion for Life's 14th US vs UK book cover battle. We've seen this posted on a few other blogs, and thought we'd jump on the band wagon!

The idea of this battle is once a week we'll post 2 sets of books of our choice, one US cover and one UK cover, and we'll just give our opinion on which one we love the most. Which cover captures the story, which one would catch our eye if we saw it on the shelf in a shop. The US cover will be on the left, and the UK cover will be on the right.

The Scores so far are: 
US: 3  UK: 5  Draw: 5 

US vs UK Round 14

Mercy by Rebecca Lim 


Jess says:  Ooo. I like both of these covers. I haven't read the book yet so I'm not sure which one represents the story better. But I will say that I think I prefer the US on this one. Its beautifully dark and cryptic. The UK seems a little whimsical to me. So I give this one to the US. 

Donna says:  To start with I really liked the UK cover but the more I see the US cover, the more I find I like that more. So I'm going with the US. I've read the book and the covers slightly relate to the story but the reason I like the US cover more is because I find it a lot more attractive. I'm not usually a fan of dark covers but I like this one.

Which do you prefer?

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater


Jess Says: Ah one of my favourite trilogies. I haven't read this one yet but I will soon I hope. As for the covers, well I love them both. I love that the US has kept with their original designs and kept them matching with one looking at the other. I truly do like the US cover. But I have to say I think I prefer the UK cover. It's also kept it matching with the other three, and I love the grayness against the black, with the red rose being the center of attraction. It's just slightly more beautiful than the US. So I give this one to the UK.

Donna Says:  Wow! This is a major hard one for me. I love both of them. I love the colours of red on the US one and I really love that Grace as a wolf is on there watching Sam. But then I go to the UK cover an even though its just mainly tree's, I love the colours. The silver and black is so nice. Erm.....I can't choose! Yes I can....I'm going with the US.

Which do you prefer?

Okay guys, this weeks US vs UK goes to...US with 3 votes.

Tune in next week for more :) 


haleyeliseread said...

HRMMM..On the first set I perfer the US on the second set I perfer UK (:

I love these posts (;!

Braiden said...

Why don’t you throw in the original Australian covers for Mercy. ;)

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

I am fan of the US cover of Forever. And Mercy we have a different cover over here in Aus and that is my favourite but if I had to pick out of the other two I would say US.

Kayleigh @ K-Books said...

for mercy i love the US one more but for forever i like the UK one more.
I'm not a fan of the US covers for the wolves of mercy falls, not any of them.
If i had the the US cover, i probably wouldn't even pick it up :\

My keeper shelf said...

I prefer the UK covers on both, I really want to see the Australian Mercy cover now:)

GABY said...

Forever: I prefer the US covers

Mercy: I'm not sure, both are great but Us is darker...not sure if it's more representative of the book.

Liz. R said...

Hmm, for Mercy I thought I liked the UK one better but now I can't choose! I think I prefer the US version of Forever, but I do love the UK one too :).

Bookish Brunette said...

I'm not CRAZY thrilled about either covers!! LOL

Tara said...

the one on the right looks better than the left

BooksforCompany said...

UK one for Mercy, the colours are beautiful, l just love it =)
I love both the covers for Forever but mainly the US one as l love the other two like this.